Day 38-40, Wednesday to Friday plans; October 23-25

Thursday; Hat and Sunnies Day
Western Day
Bring your own mug… BYOM
80’s Day
Black and White Day
Comfy Day

Cali: Social test ASAP.
Mason/Cali and Syd: RECORDING…
Report cards marks and all marking will be done by Sunday.

Period 1: English 20. This will be the last time we read TKAM this week.
Lets talk about Chapter 12 and read Chapter 13 together! (Thanks Schmoop for the following info:)
-What are the themes in TKAM?
-What is a motif? Example?
-Who are mockingbird in TKAM?

  • Jem’s hit the middle school years, and everyone knows what that means: he’s angsty, moody, prone to prolonged silences broken by angry outbursts, and he all of a sudden thinks Scout should act like a girl.
  • Scout asks Atticus and Calpurnia what’s up with Jem
  • Dill isn’t coming for the summer.
  • Atticus gets called into a special session and is away for two weeks.
  • With Atticus away, Calpurnia doesn’t trust Jem and Scout to go to church by themselves (there was a past incident involving tying up one of their Sunday School classmates in the furnace room), and decides to take them with her to her church instead.
  • On Saturday night, Cal scrubs Scout down to her bare skin and makes sure that there’s not a thread out of place on the kids’ clothes.
  • Why? As she says, “I don’t want anybody sayin’ I don’t look after my children” (12.31).
  • On Sunday, they head over to First Purchase African M.E. Church outside of town.
  • Everyone’s happy to see them, except one: Lula
  • The priest, Reverend Sykes, welcomes the Finches, and then reads some announcements.
  • One of the announcements is that the day’s collection will go to Helen, Tom Robinson’s wife.
  • Zeebo leads the congregation in a hymn by reading out each line of the lyrics, which everyone else sings after him, surprising both Scout and Jem, who had never heard of such a thing before.
  • After the collection, Jem and Scout are again surprised when Reverend Sykes counts the collection money in front of everyone and then announces they don’t have enough—they need at least ten dollars to get Helen and her family through the week.
  • The Reverend goes so far as to lock the doors and hold the congregation hostage until they cough up enough cash.
  • Jem and Scout put in their dimes from Atticus.
  • Once the ten dollars is finally collected, the doors are opened and the service is over.
  • Afterwards, Scout asks Calpurnia why Helen can’t find work. She says that Tom’s family is being shunned because of his alleged crime.
  • So, what’d he do? Cal reluctantly tells her that Bob Ewell has accused him of raping Ewell’s daughter.
  • First, Scout wonders why anyone would listen to the Ewells, and then asks Calpurnia what rape is.
  • Uh, ask Atticus, Cal says.
  • Why no hymn-books?
  • Can Cal read? Who taught her?
  • Some other facts about Cal, which Jem and Scout only now think to ask her:
  • Who is Cal’s son?
  • And then they arrive home to find Aunt Alexandra installed on their front porch.

The Gothic elements of the novel (What are two?) build _______________  that subtly foreshadows _________________; Burris Ewell’s appearance in school foreshadows the nastiness of ______________________; the presents Jem and Scout find in the oak tree foreshadow the eventual discovery… (What do you think is going to happen with Boo Radley?)

Module 4 Final Project

Period 2: Social Studies 20
SOCIAL Video Conference Preparation;
When you have finished what is below you can work on Media Studies.

Interactive map from yesterday.

Watch this Malcolm X Speech: “Stop Singing, Start Swinging!”

Next, visit a webpage that looks at armed struggle during the apartheid movement in South Africa: Overcoming Apartheid: Armed Struggle. Choose 3 of the interviews to watch as a class.

Next, read an opinion piece from The Independent entitled “We can forgive without excusing?”

Finally, explore Article 2(4) of the UN Charter on the use of force by states.

Then, think about; “Are there any scenarios in which violence is justified and if so, where do you draw the line?”

If you have extra time to devote to this topic, it would be very worthwhile to consider watching all or part of this speech given by Desmond Tutu as part of the Forgiveness Project. (3:55 – 14:20) The required reading from The Independent makes reference to it.

Period 3: Media Studies 20/Photography 20
Please click the following link and complete the 3 question survey.
Work on Final Projects.

Period 1/2: Video Conference PART A; Conflict in the Middle East
Period 3: Media Studies Final Project/Photography/PSA Work Period

NOTE: Your Public Service Announcements are due.
Period 1: Photography Liquify Tool
Period 2: Social Studies
Week in Rap
Video Conference Wrap up
Period 3: Media Studies

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