Day #35; Final Day of the week Fry-Day.

Important dates to remember:
October 22:
I am away an an educational entrepreneurship summit, you will have a substitute.
October 24:
Video Conference: Transition in the Middle East Part A
October 29:
Nicole Noyce Studios
October 30:
Video Conference: Transition in the Middle East Part B

Our next video conference will be:
Transition in the Middle East

This session will explore how we think about the choice between violence and non-violence, both in terms of how we remember the history of these movements, and in the current context of transition in the Middle East. You will explore their personal and moral response to violence, and how they view the difference between terrorism and self defense, or between inappropriate and appropriate violence. You will explore the balance of violence and nonviolence involved in key historical transitions in order to better understand current resistance movements across the Middle East.

Learning Targets covered in this video conference:
3.1 appreciate that nations and states engage in regional and global affairs for a variety of reasons
3.2 appreciate the impacts of nation and state involvement in regional and global affairs on individual and collective identities
3.3 demonstrate a global consciousness with respect to the human condition and global affairs
3.4 analyze the motives of nation and state involvement or noninvolvement in international affairs
3.5 explore understandings of internationalism
3.6 analyze how internationalism can be promoted through foreign policy
3.8 analyze impacts of the pursuit of internationalism in addressing contemporary global issues
3.9 evaluate the extent to which nationalism must be sacrificed in the interest of internationalism


List of conflicts in the Middle East: Click HERE

Here is the link  <> to the Virtual Classroom.
Please sign up for the class as soon as possible! (You will have time before English will begin.)
We have made some steps that should make the signup process a bit easier for you and your students.  

1.       Join the virtual classroom online by entering registration code goglobal below: <> .

2.       If you are not a member of TakingITGlobal, you will be prompted to do so. This is a requirement of the program.
(Please note, there have been some issues with using a Yahoo Mail account as the verifying email. Please us another.)

3.       Next, join the class using the link below. You are not a member of TakingITGlobal yet, you will be prompted to create a free account!
This is something to put on your resume. (In fact you can have a lot of what we have already done this year on your resume.)

4.       After joining the classroom you can visit <>  for easy access to this and any other classes you are part of (listed under “My Events” on the homepage).

Then we will conclude with the WEEK IN RAP.


Lets read Chapter 10 of To Kill a Mockingbird together.
First lets review some of the most important chapter questions.
1.What is it that Atticus calls “Maycomb usual disease”?
2. What has Harper Lee gained by waiting until this far in the novel before introducing this major plot-theme (Tom Robinson)?
3. How does the attitude of Cecil Jacobs and Francis reflect the adult idea of justice?  How does Scout react to this view point?
4. What themes/subjects do you think exist within To Kill a Mockingbird so far?

On Monday, you will have a full English period to work on your projects.
We will not read again until Tuesday! Please plan accordingly and bring any material you need.

PERIOD 3: Media Studies 20/Photography 20
WOW! You guys were great yesterday.
Today will be a work period to complete your videos.
Zach and Justine; Click the following link for your assignment: Media Challenge
*This assignment must be completed as soon as possible. I will give you two props to include.




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