Day #32/33; VC’s and FieldTrips up in here!

Day #32: Wednesday, October 16
Period 1/2: Video Conference in the LRC
(Last week we celebrated International Day of the Girl Child)
Today we celebrate; International Day of Dignity
NOTE: You guys were outstanding during this video conference. You were engaged and cared what people were saying. Your participation led to an AWESOME event. Well done. Let’s do it again.

Everything changes when we see the dignity in our fellow human beings. Come celebrate the dignity of you!
Who has dignity?
What does dignity mean?
Screen Shot 2013-10-15 at 10.37.32 AM

Period 3: To Kill a Mockingbird continuation.
See: To Kill a Mockingbird Projects (Please begin working on this assignment NOW!)
Review Chapter 3-8 Questions on the English TKAM page.

Day #33: Thursday, October 17
We will take off to Newcap Television at 9:20am and return back to the school at 12:10pm.
I hope you have a blast.
Be sure to ask lots of questions and make the most of your experience.
*Bring your charged up video cameras!

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