Day #29; Chap 3 TKAM; Wrap up Human Rights; Media Perspectives

To Kill a Mockingbird

Lets talk about Chapter 3…
Chapter 1
Chapter 2-3

Scout’s first day of school and her experiences are humiliating because of Miss Caroline’s narrow mindedness.  Scout initially rebels against this because she is too innocent to recognize that you have to play the system.  This demonstrates how Scout is still naive and innocent to the realities of the world around her.  To help Scout begin to understand the harsh differences in the world, Atticus tells her:
“You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view–until you climb inside of his skin and walk around in it” (pg. 30).
*Why is this quote significant? In essence, how does it help Scout begin to interpret her community and the world?

Lets begin with filming your pieces about the slave industry.
I will have my computer set up in the hallway. You will film your piece and return back to class.
We have officially wrapped up slavery.

Study the following terminology:
human rights, responsibility, obligation, universal, morality, nationality, conflict, privilege, dignity, slavery, power, influence, social dislocation,
torture, racism, scapegoating, ethnocentrism, monism, pluralism, empowerment, protest

Social Studies 20 Learning Targets
Can you define ‘human rights’? (1.1)
What does it mean when I say human rights are universal and why they should be afforded to EVERYONE? (1.2-1.4)
Can you list 5 major events in history that impacted the evolution of human rights? (1.3)
Explain one event in the world today that is ongoing that explains how conflicts arise and human rights are broken every minute. (1.5)
List 15 human rights. (1.6)
What does it mean to have ‘well being’? (1.7)
Are you responsible to upload human rights? What can you do everyday to make a difference? Explain 3 things. (1.8)
Why are some people not given their human rights? Explain. (1.9)
What does ‘morality’ mean? (1.10)
What does it mean to live a ‘life of dignity’? (1.10)
Define and explain slavery. (1.11)
Where does slavery occur? Be specific and provide examples. (1.13)
How and why did slavery occur? Explain (See *Powerpoint notes.)
How did some people rationalize the treatment of slaves? (1.15)
Why did some people accept their role as a slave? (1.16)
-Be sure you can explain 5 key events surrounding the history of slavery in North America? (1.17)
Define term the revolutionary. (1.41)
Explain a need for social change in countries around the world. (1.42)
Define the Bolshevik and Menshevik paradigm. (1.43)
I can explain how individuals influenced the evolution and development of human rights. (1.44) Example; Gandhi/MLKJr.
Summarize the Russian Revolution and discuss its impact on the world? (1.46) Example; China later adopts communism.
Explain what Lenin believed. (1.47)
-power to the people, bread to those who want it, communism is GOOD!

Other questions;
Why did North American immigrants enslave African American people and not First Nations people? Explain.
What did Abraham Lincoln do to change the racism within the USA?
What are 5 defining features within each of the political parties within Canada.

Remember that you will have a Social Studies 20 mini test on MONDAY.
*It would be beneficial to have you review the things we have done to date.
*Work your way backwards through you notes and the WordPress.

We will be leaving Nazism/Hitler until the first week in November when we have a video conference with our survivor. We will be done the first unit after Monday when you complete your test.
Remember that Friday we have our first video conference.
These are the targets that will be covered tomorrow.

Lets talk about your counter ads. (Email these to me.)

Counter Ad Entry form

Please finish your first PSA’s within the next week.
Zach and Mike; lets finish up some filming with you this week.
Mike- make a plan to wear your same clothing.
Lets begin viewing any other PSA’s that are complete.
Justin, Dee and Cali  (Lets finalize your videos today to a YouTube channel.)

I have been creating some buzz with Angele down at the Lloydminster Youth Centre!
*Do not start marketing your video yet though- wait until voting time.
Commercial Contest Waiver (These must be filled out before they will accept your PSA’s).

a) Discrimination in Disney
b) I Am Canadian/I Am Muslim

Checklist: (This is also to prepare for student led conferencing)
*Remember you get a mark for your WORDPRESS.
The rubric for how you will be marked can be found; HERE
1) Do you have a page for every course; Social/Media Studies/Photography/English
2) Does each page have a description of some kind?
3) Does your English page have all the literature we have covered so far this year and a sentence for each?
4) Do you have a Resume or About Me page?
5) Do you have a portrait of yourself on your Resume/About Me page?
6) You insert documents/essays/assignments like you do photos/video? (Ask me if you need help.)
7) Do you have a page to highlight other information on yourself?
8) Do you have a widget you would like to have?
-Blog Stats
-Where in the world?

Mason- graphic designer
Sydney- animal hospital
Anyone else?


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