Day #26; To Kill a Mockingbird; NAZI’s; Advertising

Period 1; English 20
Is your essay done?
Lets begin by heading down the the library to check out;


Wiki; Was it really Capote?

See the TKAM section on the WordPress under the English page.
We will begin by reading Chapter 1.

Period 2; Social Studies 20
Lets take a minute to think/talk about what we witnessed yesterday during;
BBC’s Chocolate; The Bitter Truth (Make sure your questions are in and complete.)
*Post your responses on your WordPress.
(Can you name 15 human rights?)
Where does slavery still exist? What is fair trade? What does it mean to be organic?

Each of you is responsible to look into ONE industry that is affected by Human Trafficking and Slavery.
See below.
Arnel; Apparel
Sydney; Jewellery
Justine; Coffee
Justin; Books and Paper Products
Dez; Bedding and Bath
Dee; Sweets
Mike; Beans and Grains
Evan; Seafood
Matt; Electronics
Bryn; Flowers and Plants
Cali; Vegetables
Shauna; Chocolate
Anna; Fruits
Mason; Shoes
Zach; Sports Equipment
1) Visit Free2Work; Click HERE.
2) Click on your industry information and read up on what human trafficking and slavery occurs in this area.3) You are responsible to study this item. Search for answers to the following questions.
(You do not need to answer each question in detail.)
a. What countries are involved?
b. What resource/items are being made? How?
c. What rules are being broken?
d. Who is being oppressed by this industry?
e. What countries are involved?
f. What is Canada’s consumption of one of the items within your industry?
4) Use these questions to guide your research.
5) Lastly, you will be writing and recording a SHORT (30 second video- on my computer)…
We will in a sense be making our own Week In Rap/Current Events/Human Rights video as a class.
(This will be shared with a few elementary schools.) *Don’t stress.
What do you think is most important to share with the world?
How can you share it in a fun/engaging/catchy way?
TIMELINE: I will give you Tuesday to begin researching…
*Again- don’t stress, trust me (you will be happy with how this turns out. Challenge yourself.)
Wednesday to research and write your short 30 seconds worth of information…
Thursday you will record your piece on my computer.

Period 3; Media Studies 20
CURRENT EVENT; We need to talk about THIS.

Continue to finish up your PSA’s.
I will give your more time at the end of class today and Friday as well.
*Remember; you can enter as many times as you like.
*PSA’s will be due within the final week of October, so you have lots of time yet.

Lets take a look at the Photography Portfolio assignment that was on yesterday’s WORDPRESS.
This will take place in an ongoing format throughout the remainder of the course.

Lets review the MOST EXPENSIVE AD’s EVER.

Click HERE for your COUNTER-Ad:
Take an ad and change it into a counter ad, delivering a more truthful or constructive message using altered images, words or persuasion techniques.

We have our first VC on Friday in period 1 to celebrate with a girl from Libya.
*No school on Monday.
*Our second field trip is the following Wednesday after the long weekend.

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