Day #24; Chocolate; The Bitter Truth; Photography; PSA/English

Day #24;
Welcome guys to Monday! Hope you had an awesome weekend.

Period 1: Photography 20
The themes/genres/skills you are responsible to ensure you cover throughout the course of the semester;
Due during final exam week are:
(There are 35 images that you will be marked on for your final. 20 of them must be edited in some way.)
Not all these images have to be taken in school or during the semester and can be selected from any time in your life as long as you were the primary photographer. Each photo must be TITLED.)
*No more that 50% of your photos can be taken before the semester began.
These are to be on a WordPress page.
For idea or support you can view this LINK:
1. Self Portrait (Which we will take with Nicole Noyce.) 
2. Love
3. Hate
4. Strength
5. Despair
6. Inner Strength
7. Rule of Thirds
8. Framing
9. Leading Lines
10. Funny
11. Fun in the Sun and/or Landscape
12. Vintage
13. Action 
14. Black and White
15. Saturation (rich colour)
16. Contrast (sharpness)
17. Horror
18. Diversity
19. Abstract
20. Delicate
21. Green with Envy 
22. Technology
23. Sharing
24. Natural
25. Unnatural
26. Winter Wonderland
27. Education
28. #1
29. Go Green
30. Human Rights
31. Ghostly or Zombies
32. Abandonment
33. Clouds
34. Water
35. Frozen
36. Street Photography 
37. Mothers and/or Fathers
38. Death 
39. Freckles 
40. Teenagers Today
(You will be given FINAL PHOTOGRAPHY PORTRAIT work period. On these days you can bring props and items and pick a theme/genre/skill to practice.)

*ONE must be photoshopped onto an alternate background!
(Or put both on the same picture!)

Lens Flares;
Today we will be working outside with the sun if it is sunny and working artistically with lens flares.
Stop Motion;
If it is an overcast day we will be working outside to achieve photos like the following;
Click HERE for examples.

Period 2: Social Studies 20
Finish slavery lesson.
Begin; “BBC’s Chocolate; The Bitter Truth”
Open this document; these are QUESTIONS for you to answer while watching the documentary.

Period 3: Media Studies 20
Today I will allow you some time to work on your PSA’s.
As you finish your PSA’s let me know and we can show them to the class for discussions.
Today will be your final day to work on your English essays and PSA’s for a while.
(If you need extra support with your PSA click HERE.)
Does your English essay quote/cite 3 real facts/opinions/people/events to solidify your meaning/point?
Tomorrow we will start something new in Media Studies.
If you are done everything you can work on your Photography Final Project (I have a DSLR you can use.)
If you are done everything; 

Begin thinking of an item in the world (It can already exist or be one that you make up.)
You will be responsible to have;
2-4 images
1- 30 second commercial

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