Day #23; Portrait work/Essay, Finish Slavery, PSA

Good morning rascals,

Period 1:
Photoshop Work Period (Have some fun, ask questions!)
What I can’t answer; Cali or Justin probably can!
You can also chose to work on your essay at this time.
Remember to source 3 real people/facts within your essay to prove your point.
This essay is due TUESDAY. Today will be your last work period on it.
Please put it on a Google Doc and share it with me if you are not using the one I shared with you.
If your Google doc is not working at school please share it from home. This is the easiest way for me to mark your assignments.
ALSO; if you were missing anything else; please work to catch up this weekend as I will hopefully getting a ton of marking done again.

Period 2:
Week in Rap
FInish slavery! (I would like to finish North American slavery today so that Tuesday we can have a little mini quiz to make sure you are remembering everything you need to.)
*No I didn’t forget about the little test I wanted to give you today. Lucky ducks.

Period 3:
PSA work period. Click HERE to see the rubric that will be used to mark your assignment(s).
Please be on your best behaviour.
DO NOT BUG anyone in the PAA area.

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