Day #20; Essay/Slavery/Production

We have spent a great deal of the beginning of the semester working together.
Today you will begin your first Essay of Explanation in more of an independent manner.
(You will have four class periods to complete this assignment and it will be the largest assignment we have completed yet this year. Please do your BEST work on this project.)

CR 20.1 (Identity)
A. Examine topics and contemporary and traditional visual, oral, written, multimedia, and digital (including social media) First Nations, texts that present different viewpoints and perspectives on issues related to identity,
B.View, listen to, and read First Nations, Métis, Saskatchewan, Canadian, and international texts that reflect diverse personal identities.
CC 20.4 
D. Write an essay of explanation (e.g., a process, instructions) that:

  • is informative with a clear focus and specific details
  • demonstrates thorough understanding of the process of written work and presents the work in manageable steps (time order, numbered steps, and so on) and the correct order
  • begins with an introduction that interests the reader
  • includes thorough, detailed, clear information needed for the reader to understand; examples and explanations directly support focus
  • concludes logically
  • uses terms associated with the process accurately.

Learning Targets
I can clearly explain a process, or idea to a reader using the format of an essay.
I can effectively include all of the elements of a formal essay of explanation.

Read “Green Grass, Running Water” Thomas King, Voices Under One Sky
Who is Thomas King?

Image; Google Images CBC 8th Fire

Image; Google Images
CBC 8th Fire

Photo; Amazon

Photo; Amazon

Go through the following questions on your own.
How could the problem of Lionel being mistaken for Timothy been avoided? 
Why is it important for there to be good explanations for processes? 

Open the following DOCUMENT; (You will see your assignment and rubric)
Essay of Explanation
Five Paragraph Essay Outline
“Green Grass, Running Water”

Please use your GOOGLE DOC to write your essay.
A file has been shared with you.
The best way I can support you in helping you to write your first essay is to use Google Doc’s.
(Remember to be on CHROME… if you have any issues with logging on; let me know.)

We will continue to work through the history of slavery in North America, specifically The United States of America. (Same targets as previously discussed.)
(Lets begin by talking about the Crash Course we watched last day.)

Please work on finalizing your News Casts.
If you are feeling a little left behind, remember there are opportunities to catch up to where your classmates are. YouTube has thousands of tutorials that can either enhance what you are already doing- or help you to catch up.
The following is only an screen capture; please chose a YouTube tutorial to compliment what you already know if you feel you need to.
Screen Shot 2013-09-29 at 7.51.45 PM
Remember: Each finalized project should have:
-1 stand up
-1 witness

Does your assignment cover all of the following?
Introduction, Who, What, Where, Why, When and the Effects.

If you finish early;
Please begin preparations for your Public Service Announcement.
Remember, a PSA DOES NOT sell a product; it encourages thought.
Commercial Contest LADS
Commercial Contest Waiver


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