Day #19; Lets rock and roll rugrats is Friday!

NOTE: The following is from Rune Michaels herself;
My main sources of inspiration for this book were the song “Fix You” by Coldplay and the popular science book “The Ancestors Tale” by Richard Dawkins. Both higly recommended.
I think a writer always puts a bit of herself in everything she writes. I did not have a particularily happy childhood, as anyone who has read my stories can probably guess. My mother had mental problems, which is always difficult for a child, it’s an issue I focused on in two of my novels, Nobel Genes and The Reminder.
However, rest assured I never had it anywhere near as bad as any of my characters! 🙂
My first book, a YA thriller called Genesis Alpha, was not based on anything in my real life, but instead seemed to predict it: a few years after I wrote the book, my daughter was born very sick, and turned out to have the same extremely rare disease, Diamond Blackfan Anemia, that inspired that story. Truth really is stranger than fiction.

What do you think Leia would look like? If you were to cast anyone for a movie of Fix Me- who would it be?
Wow… I have no idea. I use minimum descriptions and don´t visualize my characters in detail, I want to leave that up to the reader. But I would love to know who you would cast! 🙂

Why did you leave the ending open as you did?
My books tend to have open endings. That tends to be how things work out in real life.  There are no neat endings, life just goes on day by day, with everybody doing the best they can.

Where do you think Leia would be in your own opinion 10 years down the road?
I hope she is happy and maintains a relationship with her family and friends if at all possible.

Did Leia ever cut again?
I don’t know. I hope not.

Why did you use elephants and monkeys? Was this true to story or your selection?

I probably chose them as they are ingelligent, robust animals, with behavior and emotions that we humans can identify with. The idea that we are just one animal of many becomes more potent when we see ourselves in our closest animal relatives and animals that display the same behavior and reactions as we do.

Did you not include first and last names as a protection to those in question or was this a writing strategy?
It was a writing strategy, I think this was fitting to my story, and to my character who was very alienated from herself.
In my book Nobel Genes, I deliberately gave the main character no name at all. In that novel, originally I had also not included any hints to reveal whether the main character was a boy or a girl, but regrettably this was vetoed by my editor. 🙂  It was an interesting experiment though, and it turned out my beta readers assumed the main character´s gender was the same as their own.

Thank you guys for rocking yesterday! There isn’t a field trip I wouldn’t take you on!

Missing two special ladies; we will catch you next time.

Missing two special ladies; we will catch you next time.

Our special Grade 11 crew!

Our special Grade 11 crew!

Photography 20:

Lets begin today with a little Photography.
Photography grows and changes with the trends.
What is a Meme? (Discussion)
Head downstairs to get your cameras.
Today you will be responsible to think of 2 ‘Meme’s’.
(I will show you in photoshop how to caption/title/meme your images.)

Social Studies 20:
-I met Sgt. Andrew Wright on Wednesday. I forgot to tell you how it went.
Week in Rap

Let's get to chatting'

Let’s get to chatting’

CNN Headlines; Lets review.
Slavery lecture/notes and discussion (Same targets as Day #17.)

English/Media Studies 20:
You may have today’s class to finalize your activity.
(Share B roll with each other if necessary.)
If you have to do your anchor or stand up yet- you may go into the stair well and film that now.
Remember to have an INTRO;

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