Day #17; Finish Fix Me; Slavery; Newscast;

English 20:
Lets finish Fix Me together guys;
What questions do you have for Rune Michaels?

Social Studies 20:
Lets not forget what we have learned about the civil rights movement or Gandhi’s life work as we move onto:

ð I can define slavery. 1.11
ð I can identify when slavery occurs. 1.12
ð I can identify the basic values governing slavery. 1.13
ð I can explain when slavery began in North America. 1.14
ð I can explain how a group of people in history rationalized the treatment of people as slaves. 1.15
ð I can explain why many people accept their role as a slave. 1.16
ð I can list 10 key events in the history of slavery in North America. 1.17

POWERPOINT and things to ensure you have down!

Media Studies 20:
Have you posted your light painting pictures from yesterday?
Please make sure these are available on your WordPress.
We will begin today by going through a Scavenger Hunt page.

Then it is time to talk to you about your upcoming assignment/challenge for tomorrow.

TERMS you must know:

B-Roll – video that is shot for a TV news story and used to visualize the script the reporter/anchor has written.
Natural Sound – aka Nat Sound, Nat S-O-T, or Ambient Sound – Background voices, music, machinery, waterfalls, and other environmental sounds that are recorded on-scene and used to create a sound bed for a recorded or live report.  Primarily used for setting a mood or providing atmosphere for a report. This technique is frequently overused, but when used properly it adds immeasurably to a story.
Live shot/Live Report – A TV news story during which a news anchor or reporter is live at a remote location. Within this report can be included a SOT, VO/SOT or PKG.
Stand-up – part of package with reporter on screen reading/presenting information.
Voiceover (VO) – A TV news story during which a news anchor or reporter reads a script live as video is played.
Lead – first line/paragraph of body of story that summarizes/indicates most important information.
Lead-in – broadcast term for beginning part of story news anchor reads introducing the story and/or person reporting story.
Affiliate – A local station that subscribes to the services and programs of a network.
Anchor – The newscaster who hosts the studio portion of the newscast.  The anchor is the dominant voice in the presentation of the news to the audience.  S/he must be proficient in writing, producing, and editing the news.

Tomorrow you will be in your FIRST NEWS CAST;
Put yourself in the shoes of the main characters in the future; Leia, Brian or Kyle.
You have been given a part time summer position at the community television network and are covered all news stories that involve Pilgrim’s Zoo.
-Be authentic
-Stay true to character
-Include elements from the book; Example: Dungeon cafe
-Be creative
-Be serious (even if it is a parody)
Example: Two lions are now in captivity after escaping from Pilgrim’s Zoo. They were caught digging in a Dumpster outside Dunegon cafe. They were first spotted Monday, when waitress Rosalyn Iverson was throwing out the trash. Let’s just say this wasn’t the routine disposal of trash.
Rosalyn: “I walked outside with my head down carrying the heavy bag of trash. I looked up and before I knew it; I was face to face with a wild zoo animal. Of course I screamed, dropped the garbage and ran back inside.”
Luckily no one was harmed in the… (and you would continue on.)
All good news casts begin with an INTRODUCTION and include; Who What Where Why When.
Then it is important to discuss and tell the viewer about the Effects and Future Implications.

HINT* You will need ONE witness to star in your video. (Don’t waist other students time; WORK QUICK)

Now that you have made a chart to track your media use for 5 days… take a look at it.
What do you notice?
What stands out?
What has the greatest influence on you?
Write five or more sentences describing how you consume media. Which media do you prefer?
Why? Do you think you are different than the majority of students in the room? Explain?
Summarize your thoughts in a well-structured paragraph that answers the question,
“How do the media shape the world around us”?
(Please publish this on a WORDPRESS page.)
2) YOUR OPINION (Select A/B/C or D)
A. Select one text/area from your media profile. Collect and organize visuals that express your opinion as to whether it is a GOOD THING, or whether it can be seen in a negative light.
(Maybe it is both?) -Organize all thoughts and images on your WORDPRESS.
B. Create a rant to share your opinions about media consumption in your society.
(You can write this or record yourself. Again- place it on your WORDPRESS.
C. Work with a small group or partner; Take a look at your media profiles; Discuss.
What do you have in common? What is different? What do you think needs to change? What is influencing you the most?
The create a message about one of the ideas or issues raised in discussion. Develop ideas for two different designs for the same message, aimed at TWO different audiences. For example, you might plan a message about safe Internet use for teachers and then one for teens. Write and explain the motto you would have for each design, what your images would look like and how you would inform the audiences. Then organize on your WORDPRESS.
D. Your media profile is all words and numbers. Feel free to take all of your data and represent it either on paper or a GLOG.
-draw pictures, words, images, symbols that represent how you think the media consumes you.
If you draw a picture, take a picture of your visual and place it on your WORDPRESS.

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