Day #16; Light painting, Fix Me and MORE!

Please try and bring your 135$ for the field trips ASAP.
You must bring at least 5$ so that we can pay the Petting Zoo on Thursday!

GOOD MORNING! (Let’s have some fun first thing this morning!)

Photography 20:
Please first: COmplete the Socrative quiz, once you are done; go get your camera and meet me in the chapel! (We will turn out the lights and practice some reallllly cool things.)
Remember- be original, take chances and DO SOMETHING no one has thought of.

We will be painting with light;
You will be responsible for putting forth 3 images with light painting today.
-spelling a word
-a symbol
(These are due on your WordPress.)

English 20:
1) Are you completed your Secondhand Lions questions? (Are these on your WordPress!?)

2) Are there any other questions for the author, Rune Michaels?
What influenced your writing? Did you write from experience?
Why didn’t you give the reader the main characters real name?
If you had to cast any famous celebrity to act as Leia, Who would it be?
Is there anything you wish you would have done differently?

3) We will continue reading Fix Me;

Media Studies 20/Social Studies 20:
1) We will start with a quick PAPER quiz on GENDER-i-ZATION components.
Can you list 15 HUMAN RIGHTS?

2) When you are done your quiz ensure your media profile chart is COMPLETE and on the WORDPRESS.

3) Are you done your quick email to Mrs. E about your political spectrum tendency?
Which political party do you most identify with?
(Remember this information will be used for a debate that will take place after we visit the legislature.)

4) Let’s read through the following article together: HERE
Now; review your media influence chart and answer the following questions;
(Please post your chart and your responses to the following questions on your Media Studies 20 WORDPRESS page.)

Chose 8 of the following questions to answer:
1) What has the greatest impact on you in a week?
2) What has positively impacted you the most in terms of who you are- at the age of 5?
-at the age you are now
3) What has negatively influenced you the most in terms of who you are- at the age of 5?
-at the age you are now
4) What will you do different with your children and their use of media?
5) What do you think is wrong about the media today?
6) If you could come up with 3 laws to help protect youth again the media’s influence today what would they be?
8) What do you think molded you the most in terms of what you believe about the genders?
9) If you could change one thing that you believe in; that you believe has stemmed from the media, What would it be and why?
10) How do you think media will change in the next 10 years?

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