Day #15;

English 20:
Fix Me by Rune Michaels reading continues in FULL FORCE
If you could ask Rune one question- what would it be?
Remember Thursday is our field trip.
(We continue learning about the same targets as previously mentioned.)
We will finish Chapter 10 tomorrow and try cover 11 and 12 in class. Only a few more days left of reading.

Social Studies 20:
ð I can explain how an individual can influence change through anti-war efforts. 1.48
ð I can define Satyragraha (Soul Force). 1.49
ðI can explain what Ghandi believed. 1.50
I can explain how a resource can cause a war.
Answer the following questions from this WEBSITE.
1) Where did Gandhi famously march to? Why?
2) What law was Gandhi openly defining?
3) Why were 100,000 people sent to jail?
4) Who did India want independence from? Explain what imperialism is in your own words.
5) What is ahimsa? Explain why Gandhi was an advocate for ahimsa?
6) List 4 religions that Gandhi ‘practiced’ or supported? Why do you think Gandhi speaking positively about so many religions was good for his campaign and popularity?
7) Complete the following sentence; “the spirit of non-violence sprang from…..” What do you think this means?
8) What is Satyagraha? What were its two goals?
(If you have to look this up elsewhere to ensure it makes sense for you- please do that.)
9) When did India become independent?
10) What happened on the eve of India’s independence?
11) Do you think what Gandhi did was honourable and just? Do you think he could have accomplished the same or better by working through violence?
12) What movement in the U.S.A. was inspired by Gandhi’s work?
13) Do some additional research, How long did Gandhi fast for? Why did he fast? What did it accomplish?
14) Do some additional research, What happened to Gandhi? How did he die?

Media Studies 20:
Field Trip Request forms:
(These need to come back as soon as possible.)
Imagine Cup: Click HERE

Details of the Imagine CUp Contest

Details of the Imagine CUp Contest

Media Influence Chart discussion

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