Day 13; Photography, Secondhand Lions and some Social

Photography 20:
You will have the entire class period to shoot the following images:
You are responsible to; cover the theme below in a creative, artistic and UNIQUE way.
Try and so something other people wouldn’t do.
Themes and Perspective Initial Assignment: (You can name your WordPress page this title when you post these images!)
*Yes you can photoshop these images if you like.
-Worms Eye View
-One Portrait 
-Birds Eye View
-Rule of Thirds

-Leading Lines
-SLOW Shutter Speed
-FAST Shutter Speed
-BIG aperture
-SMALL aperture
-Combine any 3 tasks into one
*RUBRIC example that will be used to mark each image.

English 20: We will continue watching; and finish Secondhand Lions. If your Google Doc/Sky Drive is not working then here are the following questions from the assignment:

Secondhand Lions:
1.  Put yourself in Walter shoes at the beginning of the movie.  How would you feel about your mom?  Would you believe her?  Is the really trying to keep the family together? Is she coming back in a couple weeks/months? (4)
2.  At the beginning of the movie it is evident that Walter doesn’t have a lot of self-esteem and isn’t overly happy with his life.  How do we, the viewers, know this? (list two specific examples and explain) (2)
3.  What happens in the movie to show the viewer that Walter is starting to build up his confidence and feel a sense of belonging? Explain how you know this (2)
4.  How does Walter help his uncles? (1)
5. How are Walter and the lion similar? (2)
6. At the end of the movie the writers use a double entendre to end the movie on a powerful note.  What is a double entrendre? How is it used in the movie?  How does it allow the movie to have a powerful ending?(5)
7.  Why do you think the movie is titled Secondhand Lion? Be sure to support your answer (2)
8.  How did being raised by his uncles impact the man Walter grew to be? (3)
9. Walter is a dynamic character in that he changes and grows as the story progresses.  Write a well-developed paragraph showing how Walter grows throughout the story. (10)
10. What does Walter have in common with Leia from Fix Me? (3)
11. What do the Lions have in common with Leia from Fix Me? (3)
To answer after we are done reading FIX Me by Rune Michaels:
12. What do the Lions offer Walter that the monkey offers Leia? List as many similarities between the relationships as you can come up with (6)

Media Studies 20:
*I can understand how the media has impact my understand of each gender.
Gender Roles;
Where did you learn what you think of women?
Where did you learn what you think of men?

Be sure to update your media influences profile chart!
Update your WordPress with a PAGE for the photography that was taken today.

Social Studies 20:
ð I can explain how an individual can influence change through anti-war efforts. 1.48
ð I can define Satyragraha (Soul Force). 1.49
ðI can explain what Ghandi believed. 1.50
Can you recall 15 Human Rights right now?
Can you recall 5 major facts about each political party in Canada?
What is the different between capitalism and communism?
What is the utopian view of communism?

Who is Gandhi? (Peacekeeping)


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