Day 12; (Wednesday, Sept. 18) Mass, Secondhand Lions,

Today is a bit of a crazy day.
Please see the following plans for the day:
9:05am: We will load bus #4 with Miss Fritz class.
9:15-10:40am: MASS
10:40am: Lamontange Presentations for Seniors in the Commons.
Return to class:

Write down the following dates of importance: 
FT: September 26: Border City Petting Zoo
VC: October 16: Global Dignity Day International Video Conference (VC)
FT: October 17: NewCap Television (tour and activity downtown Lloyd)
VC: October 24: Middle East in Transition: Peace and Conflict VC (Part 1)
FT: October 29: Nicole Noyce Studios
VC: October 30: Middle East in Transition: Peace and Conflict VC (Part 2)
IN PERSON: Sgt. Andrew Wright is coming to HRHS for a private discussion on peacekeeping.
VC: Week of November 12: Global Water Crisis VC
FT: November 21: Regina Field Trip (Depart in the early morning.)
FT: November 22: Regina Field Trip (Return in the evening.)
VC; December 5: Global Encounters; Child Soldier VC

Are you done the following? (Progress reports are coming!)
(If it is on your WordPress PLEASE send Mrs. Erb an email and let her know which assignments you have on these pages.)
Warren Pryor Assignment
Papa’s Waltz Citation Assignment
Private Talk with Holly Assignment
Fix Me (ongoing project)

Media Studies/Photography 20:
Have you been updating your MEDIA use influence sheet?
Have you been pondering ideas for your ANTI- drug/alcohol public service announcements?
Do you know what aperture means? shutterspeed? depth of field? white balance?

Social Studies 20:
“I Have a Dream” speech (I have 3 completed and marked already)
Current event summary and list of human rights violated by that event.
Can you list 15 human rights right now off the top of your head. Continue to look through these.
Do you know what each political party stands for? Continue to look through these.

We will watch Secondhand Lions together as a class to compliment Fix Me by Rune Michaels.
You have the questions waiting for you in your Cloud/Drive.
Please fill out these questions as you watch the video. I will be able to see what you are working on and if you need any support or prompting I will be on hand. Only you and I are on each individual shared document.


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