Day #11; Fix Me; Chapter 4, Immigration quiz

English 20:
We will continue reading Fix Me by Rune Michaels.
Does anyone have any questions for Mrs. Michaels? If so; email them to me.
If you had to ask her a question; What would it be?
Lets take a minute and create a BLOG post that is complete with your predictions for the book.
What do you think is going to happen to the main character?
What do you think is going to happen to Brian/Aunt Phoebe?
What do you think will happen at the zoo?
How does the story end?
(Remember the more you add- the more you will be able to compare your answers at the end of the book.)
Continue to look at the Chapter Questions to ensure your assignments/projects are answering the questions/topics within this book.

Social Studies 20:
HANDOUT: Lamontange FUNDRAISING campaign. Do not let me forget to give you the booklets.
Arnel and Matt: You need to take your Russian Revolution Socrative QUiz. I will have this started for you to complete.
We will start with you guys presenting information about each of your political party.
(Start thinking; How would I vote?) 
Before we learn how you would vote…
Let us see if you are a worthy Canadian? Can you pass an immigration quiz?
Remember; we are still within the Human Rights unit in a sense with elements from the final unit; Governance.
NEXT: take the immigration QUIZ.
Mobile QUIZ (This one looks cooler.)

Media Studies 20/ Photography 20:
Review the notes from yesterday.
Have you been updating your media chart?
Today we are talking about GENDER ROLES: Where do you views on gender come from?
You will have some notes today and come ready to discuss!

We will be watching Secondhand Lions soon:


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