Day #10; End Russian Rev/Photography Day #1/Fix Me Chapter 2

Photography 20/Media Studies 20:

LEARNING TARGETS for the day are...

LEARNING TARGETS for the day are…

Lets start by giving you your Digital Mini Flips.

We will begin by going downstairs and getting your DSLR.
What does DSLR stand for? Digital Single Lens Reflex camera.
The following numbers are the DSLR cameras you are RESPONSIBLE for:
Sydney (1) Global Media 25 Black- Camera Card (16)
Matt (2) Global Media 20  Black- Camera Card (101)
Arnel (3) Global Media 9 Black- Camera Card (15)
Anna (4) Global Media 29 Black- Camera Card (1)
Dee (5) Global Media 4 White- Camera Card (54)
Des (6) Global Media 13 Black- Camera Card (5)
Zach (7) Global Media 18 Black- Camera Card (3)
Mason (8) Global Media 12 Black- Camera Card (10)
Justin (9) Global HD White- Camera Card (8) Octupus
Shauna (10) Global Media 3 Black- Camera Card (7)
Justine (11) Global Media 23 Black- Camera Card (67) Blue
Mike (12) Global Media 27 White- Camera Card (BELL)
Bryn (13) Global Media 10 Black- Camera Card (12)
Evan (14) Global Media 24 Black
Cali (15) GLobal Media 26 White

Things to remember:
The higher the ISO number = the higher the sensitivity to light
The higher the ISO number = the more noise/grain
The rule of thumb is to select the lowest ISO you can get away with that will allow you to take a picture at a fast enough shutter speed and/or larger aperture.
Where is the force flash?
What does depth of field mean?

What is aperture? (A or Av)
device that controls the amount of light admitted through an opening. In photography and digital photography, aperture is the unit of measurement that defines the size of the opening in the lens that can be adjusted to control the amount of light reaching the film or digital sensor. The size of the aperture is measured in F-stop.

What is a pixel?
What is shutter speed? (S or Tv)
In photographyshutter speed or exposure time is the length of time a camera‘s shutter is open when taking a photograph.[1]The amount of light that reaches the film or image sensor is proportional to the exposure time.

What is the M on a DSLR camera? What does it control?

English 20:
Another opportunity? Want to become a PUBLISHED author?

For more information check out;

For more information check out;

The Saskatchewan Writer’s Guild invites all high school students to submit creative writing in any and all forms- poetry, prose and creative non-fiction- for VOLUM 30 of Windscript.
Deadline for submissions is Valentines Day 2012 at 4:30 pm.
For more information; see Miss Mann.

REMEMBER; Do you have a question for Rune Michaels? Send it to Miss Mann.
Are you done “Warren Pryor” assignment?
Are you done the “My Papa’s Waltz” assignment?
Have you begun your Fix Me project? Does Mrs. E know about it?

Today we will pick up with reading and learning within CHAPTER 2.

Social Studies 20:
Are you done your I Have a Dream speech?
Let’s begin this morning with a Russian Revolution SOCRATIVE QUIZ.
Lets review;
Liberalism/Conservatism (What does each mean?)

Screen Shot 2013-09-13 at 3.21.44 PM

Now; visit this WEBSITE:

Review the information on this website;
Write down 6 DEFINING FACTS about the Liberals; Green Party, Bloc, Conservatives and the NDP.

You have been assigned to the following party;
Cali; Anna; Mike; (Green Party)
Evan; Mason; Zach; Shauna; (Conservatives)
Justin; Dee; Dez; Bryn; (Liberals)
Arnel; Syd; Justine; (NDP)
Your job sum up what your party believes and pitch it to the class.
(Write down what your classmates say is most important!)

Have you completed your human rights current events assignment? 

Up next: Gandhi
ð I can explain how an individual can influence change through anti-war efforts. 1.48
ð I can define Satyragraha (Soul Force). 1.49
ðI can explain what Ghandi believed. 1.50


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