Day #8; Plans for the day; Fix Me; Rune Michaels/Russian Revolution/Employability

English 20:
Are all readings up to date on your WordPress?
Is your blog post from the perspective of Richard Wagamese on your WordPress?
Today- we begin FIX Me; by Rune Michaels.
Review the assignments…
Mrs. Erb will begin reading the novel.

Social Studies 20:
World update:
1) US officials announce that guns and weapons from CIA have been sent from the U.S. to support rebels in Syria?
What does CIA stand for?
Do you agree? Do you Disagree?
2) Obama’s popularity at the polls has dropped from (Jan:51%) to (Sept:37%)
How many terms can a President serve?

Learning targets for today:
ð I can define revolutionary. 1.41
ð I can explain a need for social change. 1.42
ð I can define the Bolshevik paradigm. 1.43
ð I can explain how individuals influenced the evolution and development of human rights. 1.44
ð I can explain a timeline of events in someone’s life who influenced the areas of human rights. 1.45
ð I can summarize the Russian Revolution 1.46
ð I can explain what Lenin believed. 1.47

This day in history:
1984 – Michael Jordan signed a seven-year contract to play basketball with the Chicago Bulls.
2009 – Steve Jobs announced that Apple’s iTunes had 88% of the legal U.S. music download market.

Today we talk about:

Media Studies 20:
Hoping to do photography tomorrow morning!
Are you employable? (Finish up this lesson)

Aunt Lee Video:
Digital Etiquette BRAIN POP; yes this is for marks. QUIZ
Get Safe Online QUIZ
 McAfee QUIZ

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