Requirements for: I Have a Dream Speech assignment

The following should help to assist you in your “I Have a Dream Speech”
The biggest thing is to speak with conviction/persuasiveness and passion.
(To be able to speak; out loud; with passion… write with passion.)

Sentence starters;
The world today is…
What surprises me is…
The events in history…
Can you imagine a world that…
What amazes me is…

(Remember to have some area of repetition within your speech!)
-What do you want people to remember about your speech?
Example from MLK Jr’s speech is; “Let Freedom Reign”
***Mandatory: ONe line from MLKJr’s speech MUST be stated and referred to within your speech.
(I will add this to the rubric.)
POTENTIAL THEMES: (ideas to prompt your work)
-Health; starvation; nutrition;
-War; chemical weapons; nuclear threats
-Stereotypes; community, age groups

FInd a way to hit your themes home;
Restate your intentional elements of repetition.
Wrap things up in a conclusive manner.
Do not end out of no where.

-include imagery
-include a line from MLKJr.s speech
-include intentional repetition
-put this on a Google doc if you can (TRY AT HOME! Email if you have questions.)
-try and be specific and direct
-are you persuasive enough
-do you speak with conviction
-appeal to your listeners using some of the tactics we learned MLKJr. used
Speech Rubric Revised (Remember the MLKJr. line will be added to this.)


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