Day#5- Plans for Monday.

First things first:
Want to win some money?
In short:
-original essay supporting their choice of an important person who had a significant impact on Canadian society between January 1, 2013 through December 11, 2013. The essay must explain whether the impact was positive or negative on society. Essays do not necessarily need to be written on a person(s) of Canadian origin. Essay must be legible and is limited to 300 words or less.

Something to think about next year...

Something to think about next year…

Homework for the weekend:
1) English: Poetry Analysis; Warren Pryor
2) Social Studies: Human Rights Assignment 1
-Summarize current event
-List all human rights being broken within this current event
-Explain how each human right is being broken
-Explain what you think needs to be done to end these violations
3) Media Studies: Start paying attention to what is ‘raising’ teenagers today? What influences you?
I encourage you to review targets and ensure you are on track with all you need to know.
Thank you again so much for an AWESOME first week.
Won’t be long and we will be off on our first field trip.
Some little notes so you know how much I appreciate you already.
You all have so much that you are going to contribute to this class. Keep rocking it and lets have another great week next week. 

Sydney- keep rocking it girl, you have such a cool personality and are so easy to be around; so glad you are stuck with me for 3 hours a day… this year is going to be a great one for you
Matt- your questions and comments in class are so insightful and you aren’t scared to take a chance; good work. Don’t ever lose your willingness to try new things and your overall kindness
Arnel- your fun loving, goofy personality is heightened by opinions that matter to those around you; you have leadership qualities that are undeniable
Anna- your quiet spirit and diligence in staying on top of things already- makes me excited to see how far you can go this semester; keep it up
Deej- not only are you a student who thinks things through thoroughly and always puts forth a great effort, but you are fun to be around,  (I need your poetry citation assignment)
Dez- you go girl staying on top of things as well, never forget how classic and original you are; two pretty awesome traits to have this day and age that can something be pretty tough to find
Zach- I am blown away by the effort, time and patience you are putting forth this year, you have so much to offer, keep taking chances and if you keep your eye on your goal- there is no doubt you can’t have it
Mason- your knowledge and genuine interest in the things that happen around you will take you far in life… keep it up. (Your insights into the big topics this week and the way you ask deeper questions will contribute to the class.)
Justin- I can’t count the amount of reasons why I am so looking forward to working with you; you have so many talents and your maturity is ahead of your time; please post more of your photography
Shauna- talk about crushing into some homework already and blowing me away by your ideas and opinions, girl you rocked it… keep taking chances and trying and you will find that often you know the answer
Justine- Woop woop; thanks for gracing our room with your talents and smiling face; you brighten a room and you don’t even know it; which makes you brighten the room more (if that makes sense!) 🙂
Mike- Mike-a-mania, I am so glad you are apart of the program this year; you have such a quietness about you that makes you easy to be around; don’t be scared to jump in and take chances as you have proved to me you often know the right answer or have great insights (I need your WordPress name, Human Rights comment on Day #2’s blog and your Poetry Citation assignment.)
Bryn- your positive, happy and uplifting demeanour will contribute to any classroom you are in and extend far beyond high school, your contributions are always so insightful girl and we are lucky to have you learning with us
Evan- the way you listen, participate in class and genuinely care to see both side of the issues discussed is something not many people can do, it will take you far -I am sorry for “making your brain hurt this week”! 🙂
Cali- the passion you have for learning and participating is infectious; do not ever leave this love of learning as it will take you wherever you want to go, also- get a photography page up on that WordPress.

FOR MONDAY Good morning rascals.
English 20:
Were you able to see your marked poetry citations? Have you handed it in? More marking was completed over the weekend; check your GMAIL/Google Account.
Lesson: Figurative Language Definitions
Short Story: Shaving

Social Studies 20:
Motivation for the Morning;

Martin Luther King Jr. (I Have a Dream)
Learning Targets:

ð I can explain who Martin Luther King Jr. is. 1.51
ð I can explain the impact Martin Luther King had on North America. 1.52
ð I can define emancipation. 1.53
-freeing someone from the control of another; especially a parent’s relinquishing authority and control over a minor child. (Wiki)
ð I can explain the general role of the Bill of Rights. 1.54
-A bill of rights is a list of the most important rights to the citizens of a country. The purpose of these bills is to protect those rights against infringement. (Wiki)
ð I can explain what an amendment is and how changes allowed Blacks, the right to vote. 1.5
– A minor change in a document. (Wiki)
ð I can summarize Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream”. 1.56

Media Studies/Photography:
Finish lessons from Friday.
Discussion: Digital Footprint
View the following SLIDESHARE, Just in case you can also click HERE.
Prep for Catfish;

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