Last day of the first week! HAPPY FRIDAY

First of all; I want to thank you guys for a great week.
I am excited about the semester and I can’t WAIT for our field trips together.
Remember- there is nothing we can’t do together. All you have to do is ask.
I am seriously enjoying each and every one of you.
We already have marks in and what you have shown me in terms of your learning already- wow.
Because you have re-energized me and made me so excited about the school year, enjoy donuts and coffee on me. Yum!

English 20:
(Same targets as previous day…)
I have marked the Poetry Citations that were handed in before 9:40pm last night.
If you go to your GMAIL, click DRIVE, then look for Shared with me…
I am hoping it pops up and that you are able to access it.
If not- we will adjust accordingly… I can give you your marks and comments another way too is need be.
STILL NEED ASSIGNMENT FROM: Arnel, Anna, Cali, Deej, Shauna and Mike.
Mike I also need your WordPress address!

Lets get through these forms of figurative languages together and begin reading WARREN PRYOR; this will be our last poem work for a while.
We will begin Monday by reading Shaving and Breaking The Ice.

Social Studies 20:
(Same targets as previous day…)
You guys did great on recalling human rights.
It was a solid first effort. If you look on yesterday’s post- I comment on everyones post. Mike; I need you to complete this activity ASAP please.
WEEK IN RAP; We will watch 2 and review these together.
Your human rights current events summery/future plans assignment IS DUE.
1) Summarize an event in the world where human rights violations are occurring.
2) List all the human rights violations being broken.
3) Future plans: What do you think needs to be be done to END these violations.

Media Studies 20:
What is consumerism?
What is globalisation?
Is the world “smaller” or “bigger”?

Discussion: Digital Footprint
View the following SLIDESHARE, Just in case you can also click HERE.

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