Day #2- Let’s get to it!

Before we begin:
-do you have your forms?
-did you talk to your parents about your involvement in SGMS?
-do you have any new ideas/goals for this year?
Organizational structure: (For tonight…)
-create your WORDPress.
-watch tutorials if you get lost during your sign ups
-email Mrs. E your WordPress name (
-DOWNload the SCAN APP if you haven’t already
-Sign up for Twitter; email Mrs. E your Twitter handle (
-Tomorrow you will get your GOOGLE email/account (I created this for you!)
Did you get the message last night?
Arnel, Desarai, Shauna, Anna-M (email sign up?)
The field trips are set in stone; write those dates down and let me know if any conflicts occur!

The requests are in!

The requests are in!


1) Taylor Mali Video

2) Reminder to an independent novel NOW if you can.

3) Email your resume to Mrs. Erb ASAP!

4) Poetry Analysis Lesson
(This is on a SMART FILE; please open up a WordDocument and prepare to write notes.
You can also write your notes on the English page of the WordPress if you like!)
Learning targets:
I can identify and define the elements of poetry.
I can define and create examples of figurative language.
I can complete a poetry analysis through class participation.
I can participate in group discussions (group work).
(Be sure you know the elements of poetry/figurative language* HINT HINT)

Unit 1: Human Rights
* I can define human rights.
*I can explain how and why human rights are ‘universal’.
*I can make a timeline to explain the evolution of human rights.
*I can explain what rights people have regardless to their contribution to society.
*I can explain where and how conflicts arise in the uploading of human rights.
*I can identify 10 human rights that all individuals ‘should’ have.
*I can explain well being.
*I can define who has the responsibility to uphold human rights.
*I can explain how and why some people are not given their human rights.
*I can explain how morality applies to human rights.
*I can explain what is meant by a life of dignity.

Please click HERE for the Declaration of Human Rights.
Read through and simplify 20 of the 30 articles. (Yes you will want to remember these! HINT HINT!)
(Go to your WordPress if you have it up and running or open a WordDocument.
On that document/post; write down the simplified 20 human rights.
Find a current event somewhere in the world that is violating human rights.
Summarize the event and list all the human rights it is violating.
(Then write a few sentences about what you think needs to be done to end these atrocities.)
Each of your 20 simplifications will be marked out of 20.
and this human-rights-assignment-1-rubric.doc will be used for your paragraph.

Begin with a video:

Why did he write this song? What can we learn from this song?
“The song “Wings” is about the pursuit of identity through the means of consumerism. The attempt is to dissect our infatuation and attachment to logos, labels, brands and the fleeting happiness that is intrinsically linked to the almighty power of the purchase. Its aim is to paint a broader picture of being a consumer and tracing the lineage back to my first memory of retail infused desire.”-Ben Haggerty
What was the first ‘thing’ you had to have? Did it make you feel cooler?
Open up a WordDocument:
What is your interpretation/thoughts/feelings about the video?

The results are in:
Only two of you were correct when it came down to the taste test; C it is!
We will start by viewing this ARTICLE.
What are you buying?
What are you eating?
What does the media impact you?
What beliefs do you have that are influenced by the media?
WordPress creation time.

Lets check out your GOOGLE accounts.

Your Social Studies 20 Human Rights paragraph is due tomorrow. (Yes that means tomorrow!)
Do you have a WordPress yet? Have you emailed the name to Mrs. E?
Do you have a Twitter handle yet? Have you emailed your handle to Mrs. E? Or better yet- Tweet it!
Do you have an independent novel you are reading? If not, find one and get started.
Have you been able to sign into your Google account?

One comment on “Day #2- Let’s get to it!

  1. – The right to live
    – The right to speak
    – The right to marriage
    – The right to not be a slave and or get anyone else to be your slave
    – The right to love
    – The right to have your own possessions
    – The right to travel

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