Welcome back to the 2013-2014 school year!

Hey new SGMS crew!
I am so excited to work with you this year.
We have many things to get through today being that we are preparing you for a virtual paperless class. Many field trips are already organized and there are dates I want to share with you as well. First things first- say hello to your MacBook Pro- it is yours to use and make your own for the entire semester!
(Don’t worry you will have lots of time to get to know him/her later this morning!)

1) First things first please pull out your cell phone.

2) Now, please download the SCAN app to your phone if possible. It’s Free!
We will use this today and throughout the school year;
(I would like to begin by reviewing the course outlines using this app.)

3) Now I would like to show you something;

4) Now lets get to discussing the plans for the year and each individual class.

5) Important dates for you to write down and remember:

Field Trip: Sept 26 @ the Petting Zoo
Video Conference: October 16 Global Dignity Day International
Field Trip: October 17 NewCap Television and Lloyd FM tour
Video Conference: October 24 and 30 Middle East in Transition: Peace and Conflict
Video Conference: Week of November 12 Global Water Crisis
Video Conference: December 5 Global Encounters; Child Soldier

Tentative Field Trip:
November 22 Global Regina Tour
Tour of University Regina Department of Film Tour and Activity
as well as
The Leader Post
and Details Photography Studio

TBA: Holocaust Survivor Skype
TBA: Uganda Missions Skype and Lesson
TBA: Nicole Noyce Studios Tour

6) Sign up for Twitter; Follow me; I will follow you. You will need this for a few assignments throughout the school year. Please make sure you create a professional account if you would like to keep your personal/professional lives separate. We will especially need it when Tweeting with Holocaust Survivor Michael Kutz. 

7) Lets rip through some course outlines:

8) Get our your phones;
Visit: m.socrative.com
The room number is: mann205
(Maclean’s Summer Fun)

9) Week in Rap: (Social Studies)
What on earth has the world been up to while we have been on summer holidays?

10) Cola taste test… (Media Studies/Photography)

11) Getting to know you;
Socrative Quiz

12) Get to know your Macs!
*log in information
*no stickers/scraps/carves

13) Poetry Analysis (English)

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