Wednesday, Weekend and Monday plans…

Plans for the day:
1) CURRENT EVENT: What on earth is going on?
Why was Dennis Rodman in Korea? What is a ‘diplomat’?
(You will receive a current events sheet that outlines why the Koreas aren’t the best of friends and haven’t been for years…)
2) Finish up 1918-1919
3) Who has not handed in their assignments on World War I? (mini booklet/reading)
Aljon, Peter, Von, Britt Fish, Mary, Britt Lo, Jaden N, Jayden P, Kayla R, Mikayla R, Rylan S, Coltin S, Zach, CHristos, Matt N? (Tutorial sign up’s start Tuesday next week. PLEASE FINISH!)
4) Twitter Book Club Project information
(Have an awesome weekend and please read the INTRODUCTION and AUTHORS PREFACE. You will have to Tweet 1 time while you are reading. What is a question, comment, concern or insight you have in regards to the book?)
Ensure you have @AzrieliMemoirs @JHManner and #survivalkit within your Tweet.
(This will organize all our comments and questions in one place! *DO NOT READ AHEAD!)

5) Week in Rap
6) Kony 2012? Kony 2013- New instalment video… Should we care?
7) World War I Wrap up: Treaty of Versailles

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