Work that needs to be finished:

The following assignments are due as soon as possible.
If your name is on a list and you have submitted it: PLEASE EMAIL.
Email either way- even if you are just posting on your WORDPRESS.
Ashton/Melissa: I cannot get on your WordPress’s again. Please see your privacy settings.

Social Studies 20

Venn Diagram: JP
Reclassification of the World: Ellie, Selina, Sandy

Jem/Scout Compare/Contrast: Eric, Melissa
TKAM Chapter Questions: Neil
Selina (You have Chapter 9 and 19-21 to finish and submit/post)
TKAM Final Projects: Ryan (1), Eric, JP (1), Melissa (1) (Ryan- email me again- can’t find on WDPRS)
Visit of Charity: Ashton, Sandy, Delaney, Eric, JP, Neil, Melissa
Daddytrack: Ashton, Sandy, Eric, Neil, Melissa
Kindergarten: Sandy, Eric, Neil, Melissa
I AM Hutterite Final Projects: Ashton, Sandy, Selina
Example Sentences: Rhett
Independent Novel Study: Ashton, Sandy, Selina, Melissa, Rhett

Portraits: Sandy, Eric
Emotions: Sandy, Eric, Selina, Neil, Simone
Christmas: Sandy, Ellie, Eric, Neil
MERGE: Sandy, Eric, Selina, JP, Neil
Photo of a Day: Sandy, Eric, Selina, Neil

Media Studies
PSA: Sandy
WordPress Work: Ashton, Melissa
AD Components: Ashton
Pre: Ashton, Eric, Selina, Neil
Post: Ashton, Sandy, Eric, Selina, Neil
Mustard Seed PSA: Ashton, Sandy, Eric, JP, Neil, Melissa
Proposal: Sandy, Selina, JP, Neil, Melissa, Simone, Rhett

Period 1/2: Social Studies 20 (Essay work period. All are due at the end of class!)
Period 2-3: Media Studies 20 (Production day- edit your videos with your team/partner)
Period 3: Media Studies in class and take home Written Exam



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