Second last day until your holidays! Plans for the day…

I know we are ready for a break -BUT… lets work hard. Only 6 more classes left!
Lots to do.

Period 1: English
Lets get through some of the good stuff!
Students will read and present their poems.
Make sure your anecdote/narrative about ‘Acting your Age’ is in and complete!
Everyone who was here yesterday will present.
(Then students will read the Rink and complete The Rink sentence assignment).
Are all of your To Kill a Mockingbird projects in?

Start of Period 2: Social
Finish up the Force of Nature (13 minutes are left.)
Work diligently to finish up your sentences.
-Many of you have not handed in your re-classification of the world or your population booklet.
If you are done all of this you can go through your target book and prepare yourself for your mini exam tomorrow.
When this is complete we will move onto Media Studies 20.

Period 3: Media Studies 20
Your Pre Vlogs are DUE! I will be moving throughout the classroom touching base with all of you about this and your POST blog.
(Then we will move onto the Upload booklets!)

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