Plans for Thursday!

Period 1: (English)
Review: Everything I Learned I Learned in Kindergarten by Robert Fulgham
Individual Mini Presentations:
-What was your life lesson?
How would the world be different if we all paid attention and practiced this life lesson?
Where in the world do you see this being broken?

The Circle Game by Joni Mitchell
Listening Activity
We will listen to this again and you will have 11 questions to answer.
These will be marked.

A Visit of Charity
Daddy Track

(Those of you all caught up in English will be able to

Period 2: (Social)
Review the Skype yesterday. Thank you all for being so great.
Does anyone have any questions? (These will be sent off to Terra)
Current event from Uganda: 100 most wanted… (Discussion)

(You will get the rest of the week to dive into these! Work hard.)
Re-Classification of the World Assignment (Due next Tuesday)
Mini Booklet from Population UNIT (Due next Wednesday)
Venn Diagram Assignment (Due next Wednesday)
(Please be diligent in working on these assignments.)

Period 3: (Media Studies 20)
I understand you had troubles using the DSLR cameras Monday/Tuesday.
Please try and finish up the portrait of someone in a Christmas theme.
The next day we will have the cameras in January unfortunately so plan accordingly.

Finish up your PRE and POST vlogs from the Mustard Seed.
Come up with a short video to highlight a need that this organization has.
Remember this can be simple councept: i.e. Melissa’s PSA.
This can be your PRE and POST vlogs put together and finalized as one.
When they are finished they will be shown to the class and posted on the Mustard Seed Website.

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