Weekend wishes…

Hope all is awesome with you guys,
Here is some information for you for the weekend.
Be sure that you are studying and finishing up your TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD questions!

December 4: Advertising Campaign pitches (Period 1-2)
December 4: To Kill a Mockingbird Test (Period 2-3)
December 6: Mustard Seed, Edmonton, Ab. (Please make sure all forms are in and fees are paid.)
December 18: Tour of Local Media Outlets
January 8: Essay portion of English 20 Final Exam
January 14: Media Studies Terminology Quiz
The final days of school will be very busy. Plan accordingly. Holy Rosary is moving to having more final exams within class time.
January 15: Period 2/3: My 365 Photography Project Presentations
January 15: Period 2/3: Written Photography Terminology QUIZ
January 16: Period 1: Media Studies 20 Written PART A
January 16: Period 2: Photography Final Exam (Practical) PREP
January 16: Period 3: Photography Practical Exam
January 17: Period 1/2: Social Studies Written Exam Part A
January 17: Period 3: Photography Practical Exam
January 18: Period 1: Photography work period posting photos for practical exam
January 18: Period 2: Social Studies Written Exam Part B: Essay
January 18: Period 3: Media Studies 20 Written PART B
January 29: ENGLISH ESSAY (I will not be there: Mrs Grassl will be on hand for questioning.)

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