Dates to notice:
Advertisement presentations will occur MONDAY in Period 3.
You will present your final products. If you are not done- you will present what you do have done. (Please be diligent and work hard.)
December 6- MUSTARD SEED (You will need the entire evening off. We will not be home till 10:30 at the latest. Please arrange for a ride to pick you up if you are not driving to school that day. (Permission slips will go home next week. Who is unable to come?)
Your To Kill a Mockingbird test will be Thursday of next week.
**November 28th we will be video conferencing Felix.
**Before December 6 we will be Skyping Terra Lorenz with a Ugandan organization.

English 20:
You should have read Chapter 26 LAST NIGHT.
We will read Chapter 27

Social Studies 20:
What does it mean to you?
What does the term mean: WE HAVE TO LEARN BEFORE WE CAN HELP mean to you?


Media Studies 20:
What is the theme of your AD?
What is the motto for your product?
Is your radio ad done? Does it have feel/tone/mood/theme? Does it ignite the senses? Is it uploaded in a file that can be put on WORDPRESS?
If your AD video done? Is it 1 minuteish in length? Do you have music and varying camera angles? Are you SELLING your product?
How do the 3 photos fit the theme of your ad? How are they different but alike?
Do you have a BUDGET plan for your Ad that you will be sharing? Do you have this represented in charts/graphs?

WORK PERIOD (Today and tomorrow will be the end of your work period on this project. Remember it is DUE Monday.)

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