Tuesday, Plans for the Day!

Hello to Tuesday rascals!

November 28 @ 10:00- VC with Felix Opatowski
December 6- Field Trip to the Mustard Seed homeless shelter.
(Please begin bringing items!)

Period 1: English
-Most important quote presentations
-Most important lessons from Jem and Scout
Read Chapter 23.
All Chapter questions are due except Chapter 4-6.
Period 2/3: Social Studies 20
Shark Water
ESSAYS ARE OVERDUE: Those of you who need to finish will not be watching SharkWater.
Melissa/Sandy/Simone/Selina/Rhett/Jordan/Dan/Eric (If you are done your essay and your name is on here- please send again.)
End Period 3: Media Studies 20
Finish your Ad.
Your Radio Ad and Photos are due tomorrow on your WordPress at the end of class.

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