SGMS Plans for the Week!

Period 1: Chapter Reviews in To Kill a Mockingbird
Timeline handout
Period 2: Watch first half of To Kill a Mockingbird
Read Chapter 17 together.
Period 3: Marketing your PSA’s
Chapter 18 is due tonight.
ESSAY:  is due tomorrow at the END of lunch!
Make sure your treaty assignment is getting finished.
(You will not received much more class time for this)

WEDNESDAY (Remember today is early dismissal!)
Period 1: Read Chapter 19 together
Period 2: Start new Social Studies Unit
*I can explain the current population/percentages around the world.
*I can define population/birth rate/death rate
*I can articulate why a greater population increase in the world is NOT the cause of all the worlds problems.
Period 3: Photography
Chapter 20 is due tonight.

Period 1: Read Chapter 21/22 together
Period 2: Social Studies 20 Unit
Period 3: Media Studies Lesson

Period 1: Read Chapter 23 (TKAM DONE!)
Period 2: Social Studies 
Period 3: Media Studies Lesson

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