Morning- It’s Monday, 5 days until break!

Good morning team,
Well- 5 short days this week and LOTS to do.

English 20:
Begin this morning with your To Kill a Mockingbird test.
Those of you scoring 90% of higher on this exam will be able to use your book on your next exam. Those of you below- It is time to pick up the pace! 
Make sure your Chapter 1-6 and 9-11 are up on the WordPress.
We will then read Chapter 13.

Social Studies 20:
Get ready to review.
You will have a test on Friday. It will take you about 2 hours.
Half of the test will be closed book- half open.
Target review from your books should be done while watching/completing the Gandhi study this week.
Ghandi (Blog post to show your understanding of his life and the details. You can also put this on your WordPress.) (SEE BOOKLET!)
You will have to explain the history of his life and how non-violent acts can impact change.

Photography/Media Studies 20:
(We will watch a little more of the Gandhi movie)
I want to talk a little about my session yesterday.
Public Service Announcements are due this week!
Your video’s should be on and ready to rock and roll by the end of class today.
We will start watching and helping one another to improve your work.
The final deadline for all videos is THURSDAY!
Today and tomorrow are your last days to work on this.


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