Morning Monday…

Good morning crew,
Welcome to Monday.

What an exciting weekend I had!
Miss Marchand and I were very lucky to have been honoured by the Azrieli Foundation at the 2012 SCSS Citizenship Conference as two innovative teachers who are embracing the opportunities to bridge the gap between history and students. This wouldn’t happen without you guys. Again, I want to tell you how excited the Foundation is to work with all of you in November. The chance to meet Felix is a once in a lifetime opportunity. There are about 4000 survivors left and this is drastically dropping. These incredible people deserve to have their stories told. Again thank you for being patient with last week with so many of us away.

Plans for the day:
Lets start by talking about To Kill a Mockingbird.
You will have a mini quiz today. 
Begin reading Chapter 7 together.

Period 2: Public Service Announcement Work Period.

RaiderTime/Period 3: Prayer Service in the Gym.

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