Thursday/Friday plans and Pie Day!

English 20:
I Am Hutterite Final Project Work Period (You will have tomorrow too to complete these).

Social Studies 20:
Continue reading and writing down elements of GATEHOUSE TO HELL that identify life as a political prisoner. Remember your second major writing assignment will surround this topic.
I will also give you 15 minutes to start looking into other political prisoners/torture that takes place in the world… from around the world and start collecting information.

Photography 20:
Today you will have the rest of the period to complete photographs of all the concepts on your assignment handout. Remember*** I am not so concerned about what to take for each concept- I just want you going around, learning and applying what you know. The school is very dark. You will find it difficult to do over exposure of a teacher unless you convince them to go outside.
Be creative. Think outside the  box. Stretch your imagination.
When you have completed all your pictures. (About half way throughout the class…)
-Please return to our room, start another WordPress page and upload your work with the CAPTION or HEADING of the photo that describes what you were doing.

English 20:
Final Day to finish up Essays and Final Projects.
Final Projects are due MONDAY.
Essays will be all marked and gone through this weekend again.
PLEASE: Make sure these are up on your GOOGLE DOCUMENTS.

Social Studies 20:
Continue reading in GATEHOUSE TO HELL.
Last half of class:
Work period on collecting more information on torture that is taking place today, the shape of our prisons, when is torture okay? is it ever okay? -political prisoners and political prisoners in general. KEEP ALL INFORMATION on the same page as your Felix notes.
(What opinions do you have surrounding these HOT TOPICS?) What interests you.
Make sure you begin a WORKS CITED section as well so you don’t lose the places you are finding your great information. Next week we will again begin a different style of essay.

Media Studies 20:
You will have 10-15 minutes to:
Please finish up your DISNEY/MOVIE critique. THIS IS DUE TODAY!
Answer all the questions of:
What is acceptable?
What is not acceptable?
What did you like?
What surprised you?
What did you dislike?
What stereotypes are present?
and more… (Using pictures and video clips is very important.)
Diversity in Media CHARTS:
Many of you forgot this. I am giving you one more week to construct your data.
PAY ATTENTION PLEASE: (Notice magazines and tv shows as well!)

Monitor current affairs and news broadcasts for one week. Look for the following:
How many non-white or someone with a disability act as a host, anchor or reporter?
What broadcasts feature visible minorities? What role did these people play within stories? (ie. experts, sources, perpetrators, victims)
Create a chart or some other method of recording and organizing your findings.
Once you have gathered a weeks worth of data, create a bar graph or pie chart to display your findings.

In addition to the chart/graph. Answer and hand inthe following questions:
1. Whose culture appears to be reflected in the mass media?
2. Which one’s are not?
3. How are minorities portrayed in the mass media?
4. What examples of negative, unrealistic, stereotypes, or prejudiced portrayls of a group have you found in the media?


We will now be studying an EDITORIAL. (We are going to combine your ESSAY/EDITORIAL from SOCIAL STUDIES on political prisoners and journalistic styles of writing to: WRITE YOUR OWN EDITORIAL.
See the LINK here.)
(View the above link and read examples and get yourself familiar with this style of writing.)

What is an editorial?

An editorial is an article in a newspaper or magazine (or television or radio) that expresses the editor’s personal bias.
You will address the question(s); WHY is it important to continue learning about the Holocaust today as well as tie in:
things we have learned about (focus on one)
human rights
other political prisoners

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