Happy Turkey Chomping, Plans for Monday,

“What is you woke tomorrow with only the things you said “Thanks” for today?”
I hope you all have the best thanksgiving EVER! Thank you for another out of this world week.
I know I am thankful for:
Ashton’s openness,
Eric’s soft nature,
Ryans creativity,
Spencers diligence,
Rhetts diverse capabilities,
Rayna’s work ethic,
Delaney’s sweetness,
Patricks humour, 
Selina’s gentleness,
Sandy’s try,
J.P.’s kindness, 
Melissa’s goofyness,
Jordan’s attention to detail,
Dan’s sharing,
Simone’s stories,
Ellie’s softness, 
Neil’s participation,


Be sure you read UP UNTIL: Auschwitz in Gatehouse to Hell by Felix Opatowski.
Be sure you essay is handed in and complete.
Start thinking about your I Am Hutterite final project.
Portrait- posted on your WordPress
Media Studies: Diversity chart and Movie critique (Due later next week)

Period 1: Gatehouse to Hell (Mini lecture)

Period 2: Media Studies (Chart discussion.)

Then we are gone the rest of the day to O.B. Hutterite Colony.

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