Pre Turkey Party- Friday Plans

Hey crew!
Again, thanks for a fun week.
What a great way to start it off by meeting a decorated author!
Next week it looks like: pie, buns, cookies and –well, more Hutterites. Those of you who have no paid the 6$ fee, please get it to me as soon as possible. We will be leaving school after period 2 on Tuesday and we will be gone the rest of the day. We will aim to be back before the 3:20 bell. Remember to let me know if you want any treats there so I can let them know. The following week should be our video conference with the Holocaust survivor. We have been talking and covering so many targets in history. Time to pick it up and start talking genocide, political prisoners, torture and beyond- some heavy topics.

(Now I know you have a 3 day WEEKEND, but many of you have some projects and assignments to finish up. Tutorial sign up’s will start Wednesday.)
(If you have it posted and I just missed finding it: send me an email with the direct link to your page.)

Theme songs:
Ashton, Eric, Selina, Patrick, Melissa, Rhett

Poetry analysis:
Ashton, Ellen, Eric, Neil

Hutterite Booklets:
Ashton, Sandy, Eric, Selina, J.P., Neil, Melissa, Simone, Ryan

Social Studies:
I Have A Dream speech:

(All tests and quizzes have been completed in Social Studies 20, GOOD JOB!)

Media Studies/Photography:
HRHS Breaking News Story:
Ashton, Sandy, Ellen, Selina, Neil, Melissa, Simone, Daniel, Jordan

Introductory Quiz:
Sandy, Delaney, Eric, Simone, Jordan, Rhett, Ryan

PROPS to those of you who have everything done.

Final day till TURKEY day:

Period 1: Your essays will be due at lunch time. You will have 1 hour to finish them up in class. If you think it is done- find someone to proof it. Then if you think it is done, go into the stair well and read it aloud. I am going to be painstakingly hard on you for this one in hope you learn a lot when editing and fixing anything up. If there are more than 10 grammatical errors I will hand it back to you and ask you to fix it back up and hand it back in. You will only be able to resubmit after a lunch time with me.

Period 2: Media Studies 20 Assignment (Thank you Macklin)
Bell Work:
Open up your WordPress.
Type a quick response to the following:
(You may also want to add this to your Media Studies 20 page.)
What do you think about the following quote? Do you like or dislike? Agree or disagree? Explain in detail with references from outside sources.
The hand that rules the press, the radio, the screen and the far-spread magazine, rules the country. (The previous quote is by Learned Hand.)
Write your post NOW.
Class material:
Diversity in the Media (LINK)

Period 3: Genocide? Torture? Political Prisoner?

Team: Be thinking about your public service announcement and GET PLANNING.
Your portraits are due as well today so please make sure your original and touched up images are on your WORDPRESS.

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