Turzday… (Remember Hutterites don’t prounounce the “th’s”.

English 20:
We will be completing the non fiction novel, “I Am Hutterite”.
Finish the final chapter and complete chapter questions.
Video conference preparation: What questions do you have for Mary-Ann Kirkby?
The following information is taken from: PolkaDotPress.com website

About Mary-Ann

Mary-Ann Kirkby and her son Levi (origin of picture unable to be found.)

Mary Ann Kirkby (origin of picture unable to be found.)

Mary-Ann Kirkby is an award-winning author, whose first book, I Am Hutterite chronicles her childhood experiences of life on a Hutterite colony and the aftermath of leaving community life.

A former journalist, she began her career in Dauphin, Manitoba as a news anchor and reporter and later was appointed senior reporter responsible for aboriginal issues at CTV in Prince Albert. From 1993-1996, she worked in Ottawa as a freelance journalist and served as Media Relations Consultant for the National Chief of the Assembly of First Nations.

She is the recipient of two Can-Pro Awards for political reporting and for hosting a children’s program.

In 2010 Mary-Ann was appointed to the Saskatchewan Arts Board. She lives in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.

Social Studies 20:
Review the communism QUIZ.
-Political spectrum lesson
-Discussion about LENIN
(Target Check)
(Terminology Review)

Media Studies 20:
Finish watching all NewCap television videos

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