Greetings Earthlings!

Gooood afternoon,
Hope all of you are AWESOME this late afternoon.

English 20:
Please make sure that you have your THEME song posted on your WordPress and a paragraph about this.
Your graphic representation picture from Chapter 8 is due. (POST THIS ON YOUR WORDPRESS!)
Ensure you read (CHAPTER 10) and answer all the questions leading up to this point as well.
We will go through Chapter 10 together, review the questions and begin the final chapter today.
We will have the book finished by Friday.

Social Studies 20:
The SmartBoard is BACK IN ACTION!
We will be working through the Russian Revolution video.
There will be questions to go through with this as well. You should be putting any notes or comments out have on your WordPress as well. (You can do this directly on the Social Studies 20 page or you may want to make “baby” pages for each unit as well.)

Media Studies 20:
Your NewCap News (or other media outlet you have created) VIDEO is due.
Please post this on your WordPress (ensure your WordPress is private).
We will start watching these tomorrow!
(Well done on this: as a whole I was quite impressed with your behaviour, questions, enthusiasm and excitement.)

Take a look at what ONE VIDEO can do to CHANGE A LIFE.
PSY is now one of the most recognized and sought after bands in the world.
Allllllll because of this.

One comment on “Greetings Earthlings!

  1. If only Lloyd could be this fun.

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