Tootin’ TUEZday…

English 20:
Review Chapter 8 questions.
Reminder to be working on your graphic representation.

Social Studies 20:
Russian Revolution (lecture)
TARGETS: 1.41- 1.47

Political spectrum (Introduction)
TARGETS: 1.35-1.36

BRAIN POP- This will count for MARKS!


Raider Time (off you go!)

Media Studies 20 CHALLENGE:
Each of you will be given a challenge and a group to run around and create an official news story.
You must sell something ridiculous as a real and legit news story.
You will need to have an INTRODUCTION,
Provide the 5 W’s…
Entice, excite and educate your viewers and –
Wrap up your NEWS cast.
You will have TODAY ONLY to shoot your footage.
Tomorrow will be a production day.


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