Where did the week go? Friday.

Good afternoon/evening/morning (depending on when you are reading this).
Well- what an awesome morning.
Talk about a great way to learn more about what we have talking about.
Many of you faced some fears today- took a chance… and seen that even when things seem challenging- WE CAN DO IT. I am endlessly proud of you guys for your willingness to try something new today and learn from the best in the media business.
REMEMBER: You must read Chapter 6 tonight and answer the questions that go along with this chapter.
I still have to mark Neil and Simone’s- I Have a Dream speech. (You two make sure you give these to me today as progress reports are Monday!)

Plans for Friday:
Review Chapter 6 and go over questions. (MARKED)
-Try and watch Breaking Amish character profiles.

Social Studies 20 TEST/QUIZ
-finish watching Lisa Kristine’s Ted Talk

This reminded me of your I Have a Dream speeches.
I am unable to credit it as I searched for the original author-
Nonetheless I hope you enjoy it as much as me.

Media Studies 20:
What did we learn?
What were we surprised to learn?
-POST pictures of yourself on your WordPress.
(Your first blog post.)

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