Its Wednesday/Thursday my little Hutterites!

Remember, give thanks each day for the great things that we witness and enjoy!

Make sure you finish reading Chapter 4 and have your questions complete.
We will not be going over these questions at the beginning of class and will start directly with Chapter 5.
Be sure that you have completed your 5W’s for a revolt in North American Slave History. Be sure that your Deconstructing a Cultural Shift is complete by Friday AND posted on your WordPress.
Be sure to wear something nice tomorrow as we will be taking a TEAM/CLASS picture. Also- wear your glasses/contacts as we will be reading off the teleprompter!

List 10 Human Rights from the Declaration.
Explain the term, “universal” and how it applies to human rights.
What is the difference between NATO and the UN? Be specific
Define Slavery
Define Enslavement
Who is Martin Luther Kind Jr.? What was his contribution?
How many slaves are in the world today? -prediction
How much money is made off the slave trade industry each year? -estimate
Why were American slaves “preferred” to Native North American peoples.
When was the Declaration of Human Rights adopted?
What major event in history had just ended prior to the signing that showed the world its importance? -Explain.
List and explain 3 events in history that led to the signing of the Declaration of Human Rights.
Who is Eleanor Roosevelt and why is she is important in the Declaration of Human Rights.
What are the 6 treaties involved within our Declaration of Human Rights?
Summarize Martin Luther King Jr.’s I Have A Dream speech with facts and quotes.
Why is cloning such a hot topic when it comes to the Declaration of Human Rights?
BONUS: Why is the Russian Revolution important in “I Am Hutterite?”

English 20:
Begin reading Chapter 5 on your own, answer the questions on your own. (I might read you half the chapter) –Try and watch the profiles from Breaking Amish.

FIELD TRIP! YIPPIE! Off to NewCap we go!
Team picture will be taken of all of us during this time.

Social Studies 20:
Pop Quiz until the lunch bell!

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