Monday/Tuesday (Woot woot!)

Good evening/morning team,
Here is the post I wanted to send much earlier in the day. “Ya gotta love tech!”

Homework for tonight:
Make sure you are getting your English 20 theme song up and posted on your WordPress.
Also, make sure you have Chapter 2 read and all questions answered.
Again, I encourage you to be filling in your characterization trees and theme notes as we/you read.
Photo a Day (Begin your Photo of the Day challenge/portfolio.)

Poetry Analysis (ENG)
I Have a Dream speech/rant/video (SOC)
Human Rights- Take your article and tell about times in history when that has been broken. (SOC)

You will have a mini pop quiz on Thursday in Social Studies 20.
Make sure you can list 10 human rights in the declaration, summarize MLK’s journey and define NATO and the UN. Thursday- We are also gone to NewCap Television

English 20:
Review/correct Chapter 2 questions.
Review the Essay options OFTEN, be collecting examples to support your choice.
Work on THEME sheet.
Breaking Amish (Character Profiles) (A Look into Hutterite/Amish/Mennonite living.)
Read Chapter 3 and complete questions.
(Show/Attention to Matching assignment in the back of your Hutterite Student booklet.)

Social Studies 20:
Review the handout from yesterday- classification of treaties under the Declaration of Human Rights.
Slavery Introduction
Chocolate – Child Labour
Timeline (Slavery)
Modern Slave Trade
THE FACTS: View here
Ted Talk


Media Studies 20:
Photo of the Day contest discussion
Field Trip Prep (Watch video.)
Chose a trend/fad and answer the following questions on your special MS page.
Answer the following questions in any way you like on the appropriate page.

What fad/trend/technology did you chose?
Why did you chose this fad/trend/technology?
Provide insight into the history of your fad/trend/technology and where it began…
Where is your fad/trend/technology today?
Who are the key people who advanced this f/t/t?
Who is affected by this f/t/t?
What makes this f/t/t- so popular?
What is something that shocked you?
How much did this f/t/t cost initially? What about now?
Why does this f/t/t matter to people?

ex. Canon cameras, computers, high heels, race cars, music, tv, movies, fashion… etc…


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