Friday-Weekend Plans :)

Greetings my rapscallions!
Welcome to Friday.
Plans for the weekend are as follows:
(Be diligent and work hard. Make time. It is a right that you have education- make the most of it.)
NOTE: Thank you for a GREAT first week back. I cannot tell you enough how much I have enjoyed you guys.
You are working hard, listening always and beginning to participate well in class.

English 20:
Great week of analyzing poetry and starting to remember terms from last year.
You have a poetry analysis due.
We have gone through two together. NOW- it is your turn.
Good luck.

Social Studies 20:
We have gone through some of the events leading up to the December of 1948 when nations banded together to form the DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS.
Remember to look at your Social Studies 20 targets.
Ensure you know and remember them all.
You have been assigned 1 of the 30 articles.
Take your article and come up with a title.
Your assignment is to take that article and explain the 5W’s about a time in history when your article/right was BROKEN in history. Do this two times.
Explain it: Reflect on it.
When you have done this add your new knowledge into your history of human rights evolution and development timeline. (This timeline is for YOU. You will be tested on it.)
When you have completed your 5W’s HAND IT IN. Email it to Miss Mann.
NOTE: Be sure to organize your work/add pictures if you want/find quotes from famous people… AMP UP YOUR WORK!

Media Studies 20:
Be smart online.
Set yourself up for an online footprint that makes people envious of all your accomplishments and positivity.
Continue working on your WordPress.
By Sunday it would be ideal that you have your WordPress up and running with 5 separate pages:
English 20
Media Studies 20
Photography 20
Social Studies 20
(When you have your WordPress name- email Miss Mann -> and let her know.
In your settings if you go to privacy you can allow me personal access to review your site.
I will begin posting on blogs next week.
If you are lost- never fear. I can help you next week and we will have a few WORDPRESS work breaks where I will shot you some tips and tricks.

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