The plans for Thursday- quick version

English: Poetry notes and analysis lesson
Social Studies: Continue with human rights lesson..
You should write down notes as they relate to your target to know.
1.3 I can make a timeline to explain the evolution of human rights.
This should be saved on a WORD document and placed in the appropriate folder.
YOU WILL NEED to know this target for your unit exam!
*****Be sure to write notes during the video and my discussion today.

-Human Rights Activity
Media Studies: Catfish lesson and digital etiquette
Digital Etiquette 101 handout/assignment

HOMEWORK: Continue working on your WORDPRESS at home.
Be mindful that this weekend you will have a poetry analysis, blog entry and human rights exploration activity due. (Be sure you are organizing your time as best you can.)
Interpreting a Poem Upcoming Assignment
REMINDED: Sept 20th is our first field trip to NEWCAP television.

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