Welcome Back Students!

Welcome students to a new year and a semester within The School of Global Media Studies.
I am so looking forward to working with you throughout the year.
This WordPress will house many of the documents and course information you will need today and everyday! Please take some time on your own to navigate through old and new…
Social Studies 20 Course Outline
Social Studies 20 Learning Targets
Social Studies 20 L to J Terminology

English 20 Course Outline
English 20 L to J: Oh the Places You Will Go!

Media Studies L to J Quizzes and Terms
Photography 20 Basic Course Outline

Please sign up in the manner to follow for important notifications throughout the year.

Plans for the day:
-technology protocol
-classroom expectations
-course outline overview
-classroom organization

Period 1: English 20
Course Outline/Oh The Places You Will Go Competition
Poetry Analysis

We will have a SMART lesson based off this Notebook File.
You will need to get your computer read and write notes. Until you are comfortable with your MacBook Pro you may also want to write things down on paper!

Be sure to write these down in your target books.

Period 2: Social Studies 20
Course Outlines/L to J
(Summer Current EVENTS discussion.)
Week in Rap
Begin Human Rights.
TARGET: I can define human rights. 1.1

Period 3: Media Studies/Photography 20
Lets wet our taste buds! It has been a long hot summer.
TASTE TEST… How does the media affect you?
You are about to find out.

Coke or Cola- Can you tell?

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