Thursday, March 22

Read up to Chapter 7 for tomorrow and have your vocabulary done.
Things are starting to heat up!

Media Studies:
Click here for link for Media Studies class today.

History Review Questions:

1. What is the difference between what happened at Dieppe and what happened at Normandy. Add as much detail as POSSIBLE!

(Dates, Places, Numbers, Statistics…)””

2. List in order the places that Germany took over.

3. Explain why Germany wishing to conquer the EAST made it possible for the ALLIES to begin conquering the WEST… hitting Germany where and when they hurt. Why was this helpful.

4. Explain what EACH of the terms means and how it applies: appeasement,annex, conquer, assimilate, squadron, treaty, conscription

5. Explain how submarines were involved in World War II? Who had them? What were they used for? DETAIL. The more detail the better.


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