Wednesday! Media Studies specific

Media Studies 20
NOTE: Remember guys to be working on your advertisement in your spare time.
You received some time yesterday. These will be due Monday after your weekend.
Remember: good advertising is- watch the video for help.

View these amazing ideas for inspiration.
This website is great too.
10 Essentials for Creating a Good Advertisement are available here.
(You will be tested to remember 6-8 of these qualities. You may want to write some of them down.These will also be on your final exam.)

Scandals and truth.
What is true and what isn’t.
We have learned a lot about Kony and dissected it at length.
COMPLETE this assignment. On the Famous Quiz Show Scandal.
Remember we need to be critical viewers of EVERYTHING we view right from advertisements, to movies, tv and beyond.

See below for QUIZ SHOW.
Watch on your own.
As you sit back and view: answer the following questions in detail.
Yes, they are for marks.

  1. Based on your reading of the Quiz Show, account for the initial popularity of quiz shows to:
    a) producers
    b) contestants
    c) viewers.
  2. How did the quiz show scandal affect future television programming?
  3. How did the quiz show scandal affect television sponsors?
  4. How did the quiz show affect the Communications Act?

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