Time to get CRACKING!

Greetings rascals.
Welcome to the week before the break.
Lots to do so lets stay as focused as possible and remember, progress report week so lets get everything done and caught up so we can all enjoy the week.
If you have not signed up for Remind101.com
(The application that allows me to text you reminders as they relate to each class.
Please do so. Visit Remind101.com. My number is 1.803.250.2611.)
This application and piece of technology is a favourite!

Plans for the week:

English 20:
Please make sure your essays are complete.
Please make sure you have finished your two poems.
Tori and T.J. you need to present your choral reading. (We look forward to seeing it!)


You will be graded using this rubric.

I am a Muslim,

Lots to learn from this one:


Work period on your RANT!

Media Studies 20:
Watch any new PSA’s that have been submitted.
Thank you to Dom/Tyler/Joe who have shown there’s. WELL DONE BOYS!
View the following link: ASSIGNMENT FOR THE DAY
(Printable forms are on my desk.)
-Remember you can use any magazine.

History 20:
1919-1929: Conflict and Change between the Wars Booklet.

English 20:
Independent Novel Study Work Period Day

Media Studies 20:
TASTE TEST- The Influence of Advertising.
Coke vs Cola

History 20:
The Great Depression

English 20:
Independent Novel Study Work Period Day

Media Studies 20:
You will be making your own advertising campaign to try and sell a product.
ANY PRODUCT you chose or…. make your own item/product all together.
The following is from: http://cvhsdesign.edublogs.org

Product and Ad Campaign

For this next assignment I want you to create a product of your choice. You will be making everything that has to do with the product, from beginning to end. It can be a product that already exists, but with a new name, label, packaging, and advertisement. Although, I do prefer that you make a brand new product that does not exist because then it is all original.

Brainstorming Ideas

  • Think like an inventor and think about solutions for the things that cause you problems on a daily basis. (For example: Drool catcher, Bed hair, Toe jam, Acne, etc.)
  • Think about your favorite products and how they can be made better
  • Think of your target audience (consumers)
  • How would you present your product?
  • What would it be made out of?
  • Who and how would they benefit from your product?

10 ways to run your own advertising campaign: TIPS

History 20:
The Great Depression

English 20:
(Rants are due the Tuesday after we return.)
You can present live or show it through iMovie or other technological programs.

Media Studies:
Advertising Work Period

The Great Depression

English 20:
Beneath the Frozen Moon
To a Child Dancing in the Wind
The Centaur

Media Studies 20:
Mini Open Book Exam

History 20:
Mini Open Book IN class assignment.
You will be able to keep this to study from for future exams.

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