Greetings my new Media Studies 20 rascals!

English 20:
Poetry in Song?

Listen to the following song:

Together as a class we will identify the speaker, subject, mood, tone, theme and imagery found within Adele’s song, Rumor Has It.

Media Studies 20:

Today in Period 4 we will be talking about what is means to be safe online.
Teacher: loses job due to Facebook.

Begin by taking this quiz. (Click here.)
Also visit and complete… This quiz.
Once you have completed the quiz, create a comment on this post.
What were you surprised to learn?
Write our 3 things you think are the MOST crucial to being safe ONLINE.
Yes this is for marks and will reappear on your test next week.
You may need to make a WordPress or use your Facebook account.
I can help you if you need!

Prepare to begin watching CATFISH tomorrow.


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