Final Day- D Day

Before you leave for lunch and after your Social Studies 20.
Please email me the list of items. If you have them done and have already emailed them-
Please do so again.
All of this needs to be complete before you are done for the semester.
Thank you.

Zac: Thank you for your diligence and hard work! The growth and confidence you have gained is extraordinary. You are an actor!
You are complete all requirements in all courses.
Again, your work on “Crossing The Line” incredible!

Kelsey: Great job Kelsey on keeping up, and improving each day. I hope you have an awesome semester and I better see you often. Well done.
Finish 27 questions from Social Studies
Final Project in Social Studies
The Rink
You are complete all other assignments. Well done!

Mikayla: You have grown exponentially in terms of independence. You have more creativity I think inside you than an entire craft store filled with experts. Unbelievable. Let your imagination RUN WILD.
Finish 27 questions from Social Studies
Final Project in Social Studies
You are done everything else.
What insane responsibility to get caught up. Proud of you.

Sam: Famous work! Not once has their been a moment where I can’t rely on you to work hard, be positive and always have that Sam quality that makes people just say- Wow she is a good person!
Please email your final report in Social Studies.
You have completed everything else.

Mike: Lots to do bud,
Again, WOW on Crossing The Line! I am speechless. SPEECHLESS. I will be showing your video to everyone and I can’t stop talking about it.
Post your 15 pictures somewhere or email me the link of where I can find them.
You must also go to the Photography 20 page and complete the Introductory Quiz
Year in Review and prediction for 2012 blog post
Finish 27 questions.
Email in your FInal Social Studies 20 report
Post or email in your Fake Wall or conversation with a key person in history that impacted others

Shawn: The future is your oyster Shawn… What you make of it will be up to you. Thanks for sharing your talents with us.
Can you please have Riley send another copy of your Social Studies Final.
Where is your Fake Wall?
Complete the: Photography 20 page and complete the Introductory Quiz

Alyssa: You rock. What can I say… You have a personality that is infectious!
Woot woot.
You only have two small things to get in.
Finish your 27 questions.
Email in your Final Social Studies 20 project

Becci: It was awesome getting to know you and thank you for making me feel special on Tuesday!
I need to see your 15 pictures and you need to complete the Introductory Photography quiz
Complete 27 questions
Complete Social Studies final project and email it in
Children’s Story
The Rink

Luke: You made me cry- enough said! I won’t miss you because you better stop in regularly to fill me in.
Finish your 27 questions
Where is your fake wall?
Email in your final Social Studies project

Clay: What a final project. I am still thinking about it. Watched it again and again last night and put it on my Facebook page!
Children’s Story (Perform or send something in)
Email in your Social Studies 20 final project
Complete the Introductory Quiz on the Photography 20 page
(PS- already 112 people have seen your video. Well done!)

Hannah: Cuz- Well done. Thanks for your optimism and willingness.
Independent Novel Essay
Fake Wall
Email in your Final Social Studies 20 Project

Ty: You have grown so much as an independent learner. You have so much creativity.
Email in your Final Social Studies 20 Project
Children’s Story
Finish 27 questions
Where is your fake wall or conversation with a key person?

Daria: You rock, thank you for all the smiles and good chats.
Blog Post on Year in Review and prediction for 2012
Finish 27 questions
Email in your final Social Studies 20 report
Complete the Introductory Photography Quiz on the Photography 20 page of the WordPress

Joey: Thanks again for being you and being so positive each and every day.
Fake Wall?
Email in your FInal Social Studies 20 project.

What can I say- I believe you will change the world and impact people in all corners of the earth.
Lots to do to still catch up from your trip and being away.
Children’s Story
The Rink collage
Bordertown Interview
Email in your Social Project
Fake Wall
27 Questions

Honest to goodness- your acting, your dedication, your willingness to push yourself.
Seeing Crossing The Line- is like watching you literally grow. UNREAL
Please email me another copy of your Social project.
You are done everything else. Great work!

You are one of the most soft spoken people I have ever met- but when you do speak- people listen.
You have this intelligence and demeanour that is so intriguing. Yours smarts are scary! 🙂 Well done.
You are done everything!

Delaine: Okay seriously. I am a lyrics person and YOU made me love songs without words as I now know they can say more than words.
Get that on YouTube and I will send it to EVERYONE I KNOW! When you make a CD- you better sign it for me.
Children’s Story
Finish 27 questions

Bailey: Hey girl,
Again I feel horrible you lost your computer half way through.
Now considering yesterday I can sure relate- sucks. That said thank you for picking up where you left off and just continuing on. You could have let that ruin a lot of things and you didn’t. Keep this quality about you- as it is awesome. Thanks for being Bailey!
Children’s Story
The Rink Collage
Email in your Final Social Studies Report (The one you did with Delaine)
27 questions
Year in Review Blog Post
Where is your Fake Wall?

Jessie: The chats at my desk always made my day. When you would just come back to visit and see what was up… Awesome. Jessie you are SO naturally intelligent it is unreal. Scary. Better come for a quick desk visit a bunch in second semester.
Email me in your Final Social Studies report
You are complete on everything else! Woot Woot! Well done.

One comment on “Final Day- D Day

  1. The classic novel Pride and Prejudice is regarded as such because of the time and effort put into the themes by the book’s author, Jane Austin, she stresses the themes she wants to portray. The most important themes throughout the story are reputation, prejudice and love. Themes are the key to creating the classic.

    People’s reputations at the time when this book was written and when it is based were formed on very different criteria then the reputations of today. In that time a woman or a woman’s family’s reputation could make or break her chances of finding a suitable husband. This is the theme that creates some conflict for the main character Elizabeth, her family and Mr. Darcy. This theme is expressed the most when Elizabeth’s sister Lydia decides to elope with Mr. Wickham. During this time it is repeatedly stated by Mrs. Bennet that Lydia’s chose may destoy the whole family’s reputation. When Mrs. Bennet comes to this realization she is instantly thrown into a tizzy. Some other small points in the story when this theme is shown is when Elizabeth walks to Netherfield after receiving news that her sister Jane had fallen ill and stayed there until she was well again. When Jane arrived at the house Miss. Bindley makes a few rude remarks about how dirty Elizabeth’s dress is and how she can’t believe she walked there. Miss Bindley’s remarks lead us to believe that because of her reputation and Elisabeth’s reputation she thinks that she is better than Elizabeth. Also after all the other conflict is resolved between Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy, the only thing that still separates them from their love is their difference of class. Mr. Darcy’s aunt is the one that brings this fact to Elizabeth’s attention, by coming to her home in the middle of the night to tell how outrageous their union would be. Reputation is a very good topic to incorporate into a story of romance because it makes the topic more intriguing.

    Prejudice is the main conflicting theme of this book, because Elizabeth forms an opinion of Mr. Darcy and convinces herself she doesn’t like him and because of it she continue though out most of the story with this preconceived notion. Not until Mr. Darcy confesses his love for her does he learn of her opinion and begins to work to put her prejudices to rest. In the end Mr. Darcy does mange to convince Elizabeth that her preconceived opinion of him is wrong and the she has been greatly mistaken by turning down his marriage proposal. Elizabeth coming to this realization is the resolution of the major conflict of the story. There are some positive things about the prejudice shown in the book, for example because of her opinion of Mr. Darcy, Elizabeth may have appeared to have been playing hard to get. This may have be what attracted Mr. Darcy to her in the first place.

    The basis of this story is love, love that cultivates from a prejudice option and prideful man. From their first meeting Mr. Darcy was enthralled with Elizabeth because of her level head, and quick thinking manner. From their first meeting Elizabeth disliked Mr. Darcy because his lofty air made he seem like he thought he was better than everyone else. Jane Austen is try to communicate with this theme that true love is able to overcome all kinds of obstacles, including the pride of Mr. Darcy and the prejudices of Elizabeth Bennet.

    Pride and Prejudice is a classic novel because Jane Austen’s masterful attention to detail. The author’s choice of themes makes the story interesting and suspenseful and the romance believably delightful.

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