Tuesday- Deadline approaching…

Hope your English final went well crew.
Here are some details on final assignments.
Email me if you have this posted or have handed it in. Email me when it is complete and a copy if possible.
All late assignments must be received by noon on Thursday.

Children’s Story
Becci, Clay, Daria, Joey, Rayna, Delaine, Bailey, Jessie and Brodie
The Rink
Kelsey, Mike, Becci, Luke, Rayna, Bailey, Jessie and Brodie
Bordertown Cafe Interview
15 Pictures Practical Photography Showcase and Quiz
Mike, Shawn, Becci, Luke
Media Mini Angles (Solo)
Mikayla, Alyssa, Luke, Clay, Daria, Joey, Rayna, Delaine, Bailey
27 Questions for Social Studies
Kelsey, Mike, Becci, Ty, Rayna, Delaine, Bailey, Jessie
Just need to finish: Luke, Daria, Mikayla, Alyssa
Blog Posts: Year in Review and Prediction for 2012
Daria, Rayna, Riley
Fake Wall
Mike, Shawn. Luke, Hannah, Ty, Joey, Rayna, Riley, Bailey


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